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My second Smoke

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My second smoke yesterday (7/23/2011), I started around 10:30 AM, using cherry wood and a rub the DW (Darling Wife) picked up. The outside temp was 93.3 degrees when I started. I put on 2 - 4lb pork loins and maintained internal cooking temp in the smoker at 225 to 240 degrees, (even at that temp I found that my cooking time needed to be cut by 25% as to what I have been reading. All of a sudden a light came on, it’s easier to maintain temp with gas than wood or charcoal.  The outside temp was 104 when I finished at 3 PM (the high for the day was 107).

Through this process I found out that the thermometer on the smoker door is about 25 degrees cooler than actual internal temp (I used an oven thermometer inside the smoker).

The main thing is that it was almost all devoured; I put what was left over in the fridge for sandwiches for DW and me tomorrow (kind of selfish on my part).


BTW: The reason there were no "Q-Views on my first post is the canera was in the RV sorry. I'll try to do better.  

Cold smoker.JPG

Cold Smoker


Ready to smoke.JPG

Ready for the smoker

Ready to close door.JPG

Ready to close the door


As we smoke.JPG

As we smoke


Money shot.JPG

Here's the money shot!

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Looks like they came out nice and tender.  Definitely looking good!

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Looks like they came out great!


Nice job!

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looks great...............icon14.gif

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Looks great, another addicted smoker. icon14.gif

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nice ring on those 32.gif

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