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Dino Beef Short Ribs - separated

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This is the second batch of the whole beef short ribs.  Here was the first batch:


Smoked them in hickory for 2 hours @ 225 - 240.  Into the foil with apple juice and into a 225 degree oven.  Smaller ones were tender after 2 hours.  Larger ones went for 4 hours.  Finished them on the grill @ 400.


I used my modified version of Jeff's rub adjusting the pepper because I use hot smoked paprika, and some cinnamon and nutmeg added too.


short ribs 003.jpg


short ribs 004.jpg


short ribs 001.jpg




short ribs 005.jpg


short ribs 006.jpg


Going into the oven:


short ribs 007.jpg


short ribs 008.jpg


Off the grill and finished


short ribs 010.jpg


Dinner!  Oven fries and smoked/grilled wings to go with them.


short ribs 015.jpg


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Nice dinner.  Was there any leftovers for breakfast?

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I did 36 whole wings and 2 boneless pork butts too.  I don't have to cook all week now! 

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Nice lookin meal when i smoke i go over board and hardly ever need to cook more than once a week.

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Looks great Scooper!

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Great looking ribs, I need to make me some of those. drool.gificon14.gif

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Looks good. Why onto an oven and not just stay on the smoker?
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Originally Posted by ellymae View Post

Looks good. Why onto an oven and not just stay on the smoker?

It was a busy night for the smoker.  When the ribs came out, 2 small boneless pork butts and 36 wings went in.  Also I knew I was going to have to check the ribs often for tenderness.  It was easier to do it in the kitchen than to keep going outside and losing smoker temp. 


The wings stayed in for 2 hours, then onto the grill.  The butt's were smoking for 6 hours, then into the oven @ 11:00.  I woke up @ 3:00 a.m. to take them out and put them in towels in a cooler.

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Looks like you got a handle on those beef ribs...nice  job...

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Looks great. Those look like the type you can just roll around on a hot grill too. Come out excellent as long as you don't over do them.


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I Love me Some Dine Bones!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Only thing I like better than Beef Ribs---------HMMMM, can't think of a thing!!!!




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