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First Brisket ever.....SUCCESS (w/ lots of Q-View)!

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It was time to smoke my first brisker EVER on any pit, so I took all of the "How To smoke a Brisket" info I could find all over the web into consideration and decided when I couldnt take it anymore to go with the K.I.S.S method.  



Rub with yellow mustard

Apply dry rub

Wrap in plastic wrap

Let rest for 1-2 days in fridge

Wake up at 3 AM (YUCK)

Apply sugar and brown sugar

Throw on UDS (charcoal and pecan) at 225 till done 

Opened once at 8 hours in to take pic and throw temp probe in

No water pans, heat diverters, foiling etc....well, not until I pulled it to rest

Pulled at 195-197 foiled, panned and ice chested for 2 hours



Also had some alligator boudin and some moinks which are a fav to anyone that has ever tried them.  Enjoy the Q-View :)



























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Great job and thanks for the BEAR VIEW ! drool.gif

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Wow what a great smoke Congrats on an awesome job

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That's a great looking brisket & a great plate of food!

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Are those splits of smoke wood next to the charcoal basket?  I like that set up.  How did the set up perform?

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Thanks guys.


Regarding the splits, it works great.  I just fill the basket with coals and then put the 2 small logs on the top op the coals and then drop my 8-12 lit coals in the middle of the basket.  Lasted the 12 hours with no problem and had constant smoke the entire time.  Might not be the best way, but it was worked for me.  I tried to jam a log on an angle into the center of the basket before also but it was a tad harder to do. 

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Great looking Brisket!!

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Originally Posted by ECTO1 View Post

Great looking Brisket!!


All thanks to you! thumb1%20copy.gif


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That looks like a mighty tasty brisket. Great job!

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Looks good and nice Q long did it take to hit 195*

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Right at 12 hours.  I didnt open it but once at 8 hrs to probe quickly though and it was 175.  If I would have wrapped it would have been faster of course.

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Good to see some are dropping the foil thingy.Ya get more bark and more time to visit with friends;after all isn't that what it is all about,Friendship and Comraderybiggrin.gif





Betty 014.JPGBetty 004.JPG

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icon_eek.gif those look great!!!  Regarding the foiling, the general opinion or conclusion that I came to is use it if you need it.  Either way, the brisket will turn out great....I love me some bark though.

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nice looking Brisky. You get bragging rights for those rings, looks like it could be cut

with a butter knife. Thanks for the great Qview!

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