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Beef brisket with Q-VIEW. Drool warning :-)) - Page 2

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did you airbrush that smokering on there.....lol looks great

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Now that's how it's done! Great job!

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That brisket is off the hook! Love that bearview with the sammie too!!

Originally Posted by Bearclaw270 View Post

WOW! That looks great! I was just telling my wife that I want to try a Brisket next. Just how did you spice up your dripping problem anyway? Also would anybody suggest injecting a brisket, and what should I do for a rub? Any help from the expierenced is much appreciated! I am very green to smoking and want to do it right. So far I`ve used my smoker three times and had two great hits and one big miss! LOL!

Lots of people inject them. You can use all kinds of things from apple juice to broth to a mixture of beer & rub. It's all a matter of prefrence. Same witht the rub. Jeff makes & sells  a very good one on this site. That's whats great about this hobby is we get to try & eat over & over again. Try looking in the search bar up top for a full brisket break down.


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WOW ! , That looks incredible  very impressive !

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Excellent  photography in addition to the brisket.


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Nicely done !  nice smoke ring ! 

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I have to know how you got that ring?  That is awesome....I just finished a brisket and it is mouthwatering but not as pretty.  Great job! wazzapp.gif

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Dang it man,    points.giffor the smoke ring!!!!!!!!!!! 

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great looking Brisket! love the Sammie idea too

I am getting a good hankerin to do a Brisket again

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looks great !  I think this will be next smoke.

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Originally Posted by meateater View Post

Great smoke ring! Thats how you do it. drool.gificon14.gif

that is amazing!!


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Thanks for all the great comments guys! I appreciate it. I dont do anything special to get that amazing smoke ring. Just seems to turn out that way not only with flats, but also PP and ribs as well.


Here a rib from a recent smoke.


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OMG!!! Now that look great!!!

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Looks great........................icon14.gif     congrats on the carousel...............




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DAUM !   That looks fantastic !yahoo.gif

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Great job, It doesn't get any better than that.  2thumbs.gif.......................  points.gif

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Excellent smoke ring, sammie looks AWESOME! drool.gif

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looks great how much did it weigh

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