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Tonight's Dinner

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Tonights dinner... a one bone CAB rib roast on the Egg now - using the T-Rex or reverse sear method. Cooking at 230ish till internal temp gets to 110, then will crank up the heat and sear both sides...
Also on the grill are potatos, mushrooms, and fresh corn.



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My Favorite !!!!






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Thats gonna be good. drool.gif

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Looking good Ellie. One of my favorite cuts  

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Nice pot.gif

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Here's the mid-way through and finished product. OH MY!!!!!


Indirect on the Egg. Temp was 240 and I have a couple hunks of hickory over the Royal Oak lump. I have this sittin on the half-moon rig. The mushrooms are in the foil pack in front.


After about an hour - internal temp was around 130... letting it rest while the potatos finish and the Egg gets up to searing temp...


The sear...




After a 2-3 minute sear directly over the coals at 450+ degrees....


Sliced it in half to share with Big Al...


My plate...


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That is pure heaven.  The sear is a nice touch.

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drool.gif Now that's some BEAR VIEW ! drool.gificon14.gif Thanks. 

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WOW! That looks delicious Elly!

It's cooked just the way we like them around here.


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It just flat out doesn't get any better than that----------PERFECT !!!!


Great BearView too!


Thanks for showing,


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Bear view????


Thanks folks - it was pretty tasty. Gotta love a CAB.

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That's how I love my  meat  rarr.pngThanks

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Yea Bear view...Thats when you take a close up snap so Bear can get a real good look....

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Wow! What an amazing meal. I could go for that right now. I guess the ribs I have on will have to do for now. Great job.

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Looks fantastic ma'am and how I love the sear!!
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IMO...There is no better cut of Beef than RIB!  And that looks like you took it to a whole new HIGH...Nice Work!...JJ

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Amazing i bet it was a slice of heavendrool.gif

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I got my Large Egg a month ago, and after 20 years of grilling, it was so worth it!
There is not a better steak out there, then one cooked on the Egg.
I'm gonna try this out this weekend!

Happy grilling!
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Congrats Yert! Have you done some low and slow's to set the gasket? Some folks swear by it, others say you don't need it.

Love my Egg - have had it since 2008 - couldn't be happier.

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Looks-Great.gifGreat sear to seal it up don't wan't blood running out till you cut it up thats flavor.drool.gif

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