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Going to smoke my first brisket on Sunday with a Qview

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I'm reserving my spot here for my first brisket Qview on Sunday.  Tomorrow I'm going out to buy a packer at the neighborhood butcher. The point will go into a chili recipe for later eats and the flat will be eaten with a smoke sausage and pinto bean favorite plus a beer corn I found on this site. Let's Rock!

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I'll be waiting for the results. 439.gif

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We'll be waiting!



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Sounds like a Date to me!!!


Dang it Al---Move over!!!





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Sounds like a plan - have fun!

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Is it done yet???













Is it done yet??? 













Is it done yet??? 




  Have a great day!!








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I'm in. I'll be a watchin' and a waitin'.,.,.good luck...James

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I'll be waiting too for the pictures.


Good Luck.

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Still here!


You still here too Bear?



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Brisket things are starting to happen today.  I went out and got my brisket this morning, a packer, and trimmed it up leaving about 1/8 inch of fat cover on.


P1000494 copy.jpg




I then made up some of Jeff's Naked Rub recipe.  I found using the Kitchen Aid did a fine job of mixing.


P1000491 copy.jpg


I made a little extra for another time.


P1000492 copy.jpg


Laid my brisket out in a pan and gave it a cheap massage with a little EVO and Worchestershire.  I could of sworn I heard it moan :)  Then I generously sprinkle Jeff's Naked Rub on one side and waited for it to soak in before turning it over and doing the other side.


P1000498 copy.jpg



All wrapped up and tucked away in my Man Fridge down in the garage.  Tomorrow I'll be up at 3:30 am to get the party started.


P1000499 copy.jpg



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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Still here!


You still here too Bear?



Yeah, I'm back!

I had to leave----fell off the end of the bench & spilled my popcorn----Had to get more!!!  PDT_Armataz_01_17.gif


This looks like it's gonna be a good one !!!!




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Bear's bench got me thinking about smoking chairs and that you guys must have some fine ones that took years to break in.  I would be interested in seeing them so that I know if I'm doing the whole smoking thing correctly.


Went to Walmart yesterday and bought some Royal Oak coal after you guys recommended.  Also I found a firewood place close to Angels Stadium that has every flavor wood chunks possible.  I chose Pecan.


P1000501 copy.jpg


Since I will be stumbling out of bed in the morning early I wanted to get everything set up tonight.  I like using the Maps gas to get things started.


P1000505 copy.jpg


I did have a little time today to make one mod of many I want to do to the smoker.  The Trailmaster seems to have a common problem of leaking smoke out the left side of the lid.  My last smoke I tied down the handle to stop this but it was a pain to get in and out.  So I installed two stainless slide bolts on both sides that hold the lid firmly closed.


P1000502 copy.jpg


Smokers all clean with a filled water pan ready to go.


P1000503 copy.jpg


Friday I found UPS brought me my new thermometer, Maverick ET-732,  just in time for Sunday's smoke.  I still need to figure out how it works.  This is the new version that gives a alarm when your out of range and can transmit up to 300 feet.  I will test those claims tomorrow.


P1000500 copy.jpg

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It's 3:00 am.  I couldn't sleep.  Kind of like the night before a fishing trip where you like awake all night thinking about it.  The smoke smell in the morning air is strong.  I hope the neighbors don't wake up thinking the hillside is on fire.


P1000508 copy.jpg



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Still here!


Looks good so far!

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I finally get a day off to do nothing!  Might include a trip out the back gate, down the path and into the water for a bit, but otherwise I'll be here looking for updates and lots of Qview of your progress.  No popcorn for me...guessing Bear and the others are gobbling it all up, plus it may lead to a case of the popcorn farts!


Good luck on the day's smoke!






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Man if I lived where you do I would be fishing every single day...I would quit my job just to fish...I would fish for a living..

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Corn is cleaned and taking an early morning bath in some Tecate.


P1000506 copy.jpg

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Bacon and hot sausages are on.  These are for the beans later on.

Rock Your Sock Pintos


3    Large can Pinto Beans drained

12   ounces Coca-Cola
14 1/2 ounce can whole tomatoes undrained
2     medium onions chopped
1/2  pound smoked bacon sliced
3     tablespoons chili powder
2     tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

1     tablespoon ground cumin
4     garlic cloves minced
4     fresh Serrano peppers chopped
1     teaspoon salt
5     smoked hot Italian sausages
In dutch oven combine all ingredients except the salt and sausage.  Bring to a boil then reduce to a simmer.  Cook slowly stirring up the bottom occasionally for at least 2-3 hours.  Add more water if the beans begin to get dry.  Stir in the salt and sausage during the last 30 minutes.  
P1000511 copy.jpg











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It's looking good!

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