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Originally Posted by Diesel View Post


You guys live in Ricmond VA?  I Live in Powhatan but work in Innsbrook.  Glad to see some Fellow Virginia/Richmond smokers. 

Hey Diesel. I work in Innsbrook as well. lol!

Right off of Cox Road. cool.gif

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A lot of Richmond smokers!  Sweet!  We are going to have to get a smoke off some time for bragging rights!  I actually just finished smoking a brisket and it is resting now.  I am going to post a Q view in a bit.  That dude is looking nice and I can't wait to cut into it.  Started it at 11 last night stayed up until about 4 so I could keep the smoke rolling but the beer caught up to me and I had to give it a final load and go to bed.  I was up at 6:30 adding more wood and taking some goody's powders to kill the hangover.  It cooked much faster than I thought it would.  After 7 hrs it was at 170 internal.  I let it go for 3 more hours then wrapped it in foil.  I took it off at 11 am then wrapped it in a towel and put it in the cooler to rest.  I am going to cut into it in 30 minutes.  I can't wait to see if it is as juicy as I think it is going to be.  Oh yeah, I can't wait to try my new homemade BBQ sauce either.



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NICE ! I'll be looking for the pix .  Yeah maybe with a bit of time , and a lot of practice I would like to have a little smoke -off .     BUT I know I ain't ready yet !

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Just posted mine.  Juiciest brisket ever!

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Tiki.. your ready.. don't count your self out.  If you read this forum and have fun when you are cooking then it will be good I promise.  I just picked up 8 butts, 2 top rounds and 2 briskets for a smoke tonight.  I will be sure to take some picts also.  I like the idea of a smoke off.  It would be fun.  At least it would be cool to meet the fellow smokers here in Ric.



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You guys right here in/around Richmond just missed my Smoked Wings last night. (Posted earlier with pics)  Did ya' smell em'?  yahoo.gif



---Grohl, saw your brisket post. Yummy!


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Last week I smoked some wings and sauced them up and threw them on the grill to char a bit.  Damn they were good and just fell off the bone...  Thanks on the brisket.  We will have to plan something in a month or so and all of us get together cook some food and drink some beer.   cheers.gif

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Cool I'm new to the area , just moved here in Nov. from Mexico  I LOVE it here !

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That sounds great to me , just give me some lead time

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What were you doing in Mexico?  What brought you to Richmond?  I have only been here since July of last year.  We will have to get together sometime.

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I had been going to Mexico for years ( on vacation ) about 5 years ago I bought a vacation home outside of Tulum  ( between Akumal and Tulum ) beautiful place 5 min walk to the best beach in the world !    Always dreamed about living there , so when the real estate market went soft, and my wife of 34 years decided to call it quits ...

I moved from Jersey to Mexico , started a little house care biz ( a lot of Ex- Pats who owned vacation homes or rental property's there had no one to take care of them or take care of the renters )    I LOVED it    however the bad economy in the states really hurt the tourist trade , and some home owners as well.

During that time , a client of mine who was also going threw a divorce from Richmond and I became friends , when she was down we went out , I gave her tours of the Mayan  ruins , little off the beaten trips to the jungle and so on , and well after a few years ...........Fell in LOVE and moved back to the states  to Richmond and here I am


I really like it here , and we both sold our homes in Mexico and enjoy our new home in Richmond , we are a short walk to the James , and a 5 min drive to down town Richmond .280683_2081710414375_1593531798_32013004_7911714_o.jpg

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