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Red Oak?

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Quick question. Has anyone used red oak?  I normally use white oak, hickory, pecan and a few other fruit woods but I can't remember using any red oak.  We had some recent storms here last week that brought down all kinds of trees and the wood is just everywhere. I've already picked up enough hickory the past few days that chances are I'll never get around to using all of it.  Picked up some red oak as well.

I use a UDS.

I probably should have posted this elsewhere, but I cook a lot of pork and figured it would get better results here.


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There's alot out there that if there were only one wood there choice would be oak , red or white.
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I have used red oak before and liked it.

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Red Oak is a great smoking wood.

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Go for it!

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Thanks all.  Was just curious.  Just never used that particular one before.

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Red Oak is real good...

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I'm with them red oak is great smoking wood

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Originally Posted by alelover View Post

Red Oak is a great smoking wood.

 Probably the best and what is used the most in BBQ places that use oak. Black Jack, Blue Jack and Turkey Oak are great for smoking. It is harder than White oak and will last longer in the smoker. Gives great color to the meats.


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I notice that everyone that's responded so far is from the south. They may be using Southern red oak as opposed to Northern red oak, although the ranges of each do have some overlap. According to the source that I use most both of these oak species occur in Illinois, but given your location I am betting that you have northern red oak. IMHO northern red oak is an OK cooking wood that takes a long time to season, at least one poster I know seasons his for 3 years before using. I have some that was cut down almost 2 years ago that steams like mad when you put it on the coals, indicating that it is not dry enough yet. In addition northern red oak gives off a sour smell when burning and smoking, so the supply I have is going to be used by burning it down to coals for grilling only. This has been my experience with Northern red oak, YMMV.


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i will  use red oak  it is great smoke

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Yes, I would guess it's Northern Red Oak as I live in north east Illinois.  Right now there is no shortage of oak and hickory woods (others for that matter as well).  We had 70 mph winds blow through here Monday of last week and just devastated trees all over the place.  There's so much that the county can barely keep up with picking it up by the side of the road.

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