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baby brisket

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found this 2 1/2 lber at wally while doing some shopping, perfect size for an afternoon smoke for the wife and myself

used my normal rub with some brown sugar added

got the side smoker going at 225 and used mesquite and apple chunks for flavor


this is about 2 hours in when i probed the meat


after a total of 3 1/2 hours in smoke and a hour and 15 min in foil got the internal temp to 190 i rested the meat for about 40 min before i sliced it up.  made for some awesome sammie's last night and ill finish off the rest for lunch today.

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Looks great, nice smoke ring!

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Yes, that does look really good. For some reason I always have to smoke the big briskets, I never think about the smaller ones.

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i've been wanting to do a larger brisket, but the time constraints i'm having this summer has held me back.  i saw this small one and it was perfect for a quicker smoke

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Looks Awesome Red !!!!


Good to see you!!    Glad your busy!




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Looks great , nice smoke ring. drool.gif

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Puuurrrrfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!   drool.gif



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Yumm.  Makes me want to stay home from work tomorrow and give it a try.

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