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First QView from newbie

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The wife and me are going to Lake of the Ozarks next weekend to visit some friends.  Thought it would be a good idea to fix some goodies this weekend to take with us.  Hard to beat the final round of British Open, Womens World Cup and a smoker full of food!!  We wanted to take a batch of baked beans with us.  Here are the ingredients


bean ingredients.jpg


I had some meat leftover from 4th of July cook and added to the beans

bean meat.jpg


got the fire started

coals warming.jpg


cooking on the WSM today.   decided to add a slab of ribs to drip in the beans

ribs rubbed.jpg

best effort yet at TBS


foiled ribs at 3 hours, but got caught up in phone conversation with parental units and left in foil long enough that the bones started to fall out!!

ribs.moinks on grill.jpg


made a batch of meatball mix to make moinks next weekend.   Thought it was a good idea to do a little QC on them today

moinks raw.jpg


Added a couple of pork steaks but overcooked.   More smoked meat for the next batch of beans!!!!

ribs pork steaks moinks on grill.jpg

Here is what you have been waiting for

moinks close up.jpgbeans done.jpgribs money shot.jpgdinner plate 1.jpg

Didn't have room left on the plate for the beans!!


I am now fat and happy.   Back to the treadmill tomorrow.

Thanks for viewing!!

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Very Nice!!!!!

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Look's great, I had to take a double take as I have the same plates. Thought someone was messing with me. icon_eek.gif It all looks great! points.gif

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Looking good !!!!!!

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whats in the meatballs? looks great!

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It all looks delicious!


Great Q-view too.



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This is a great  smoke and a yummy feast bravo.gif

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Thanks for the kind words.  For the meatballs I tear up some italian bread and soak it in cream, then add to burger, pork sausage and veal mix.  Add in an egg, bread crumbs, parsley and some spice.

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Great looking chow!!


 Delicious plate!!



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Very nice! Thanks for posting!!
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Nice that lokks greatgrilling_smilie.gif

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drool.gif  awesome job great looking grub

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Nice spread. Looks-Great.gif

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oh man thats looks gooddrool.gif

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Everything looks great! I guess I have to try some moinks now :)

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That looks awesome!!!! 

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Very nice!...........I could eat the whole thing...............th_anim_burp.gif

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