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First Brisket in the Weber Kettle w/AMNS (not the first ever brisket) - almost! - Page 2

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Done!    Removed at 7:10 am after reaching an internal temp of 198.   Sitting in the cooler for an hour before I'll get to it...so here is a temporary qview to hold you over until the money shot is available.



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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post



I know, right!   Feels to me like the longest ever post.  ok....my money shot for what it's worth and as I type I'm enjoying a delicious brisket, cheese, lettuce, etc...sandwich on a hot day in paradise!






Again, used Jeff's rub recipe and added just a bit more Black Pepper and a bit more Cayanne Pepper so it has a bite on the back-end of the palate (heard that on some fancy tv show)


The bark is to die for and the crispy end will become a seasoning for my wife's Ranch Style beans.


Thanks for holding on long enough to view.



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Looks terrific....and the Island shots are great. I had the great pleasure of being on St. Thomas for a week many years back....have never forgotten it. I noticed that slab of beef was from Costco & labeled 'choice' as most of their meat is...probably why the extra buck a pound, I'm sure it was worth it

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I agree about the pricing and worth it...I have had much better pieces of meat.  I wasnt the one to pick it out and my brother had no clue what to look for despite my meticulous description of where to go (which he didnt go to) and what size (again...not what he got).  But I know not to look a gift horse.....  Still tasted damn good!

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Beautiful Job on the Brisket, John!!!


Also awesome Views!!!



Thanks for showing both!



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One beautiful brisket sir--and the surroundings have to be hard to take... (wink)



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Originally Posted by jjwdiver View Post

sand in the foil pan in case you were wondering


Actually I was, thanks. I just don't know how you can stand looking at that view everyday John. Must be tough. th_dunno-1[1].gif

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Very nicely done. Kudos to you for staying with it.

So you are on Magen's Bay? I was there for a week in '86; I don't remember it being as built up then, but I'd sure love to go back some day.

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Oh yeah. Your brisky looks fantastic too. Nice job.

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Nice job on the brisket. And I wouldn't mind waking up every day to see those beautiful views. I'm very jealous. Man, I live next to the Montreal airport, not quite the same.

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Looks real good..That place looks like Louisiana....ROTF.gif

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Thanks for the positive comments. One of the things that I tell my family (about living here) is that just because I live in paradise - sometimes it's only the view that is paradise. Work is work no matter where you're at. I am lucky enough to work at a beautiful villa right on Magens Bay with it's own little strip of a beach.  For that I am truly thankful, and I have a wonderful wife that lets me play on the grill and occasionally get some new toys for it.  Still working on getting another smoker, but the kettle works for now. 


I appreciate all of the posters here on SMF and have learned a ton just cruising around the forum.  Thanks to all for their thoughts, info, recipes, tips and some off-the-wall ideas that make it all fun.



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That brisket is a beauty! Wow, what a great smoke ring too!

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Man awesome views and awesome job on the brisket.

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Fine looking brisket....and i do agree with you...work is work no matter where you are.I use to live on the beach for a few years and after a while you really dont pay any attention to it as you drive by.

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looks like you're on your way to a tasty brisket! :)

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oh, there's a 2nd page to the post...lol


let me rephrase:


Looks like you've arrived at Tasty Brisket! Excellent bark on that, too!

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Fantastic looking brisky. You have done well with all the humidity and great views and blue water and....


Keep up the posts of the island.  It is as close as I will ever get to paradise this side of heaven.  Thanks for the views.

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I'm suffering right now...from Envy and Jealousy!!! Really great, I am working on growing a set of balls to do a brisket!! Think I'll use your q view as inspiration!  

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