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Smoked Alligator Sausage ?

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Okay everybody, I have about 15 lbs of alligator tail meat coming to me next week from a friend. I am going to make some smoked sausage with it. I have a couple of questions for anybody that may have done this. I have made plenty of smoked sausage with venison using a ratio 70/30 deer to pork. I am wondering if I should use the same ratio with alligator / pork. Any Suggestions ?

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I have done this with gator 10lbs. I cut in 3 lbs of brisket trim .


Your 15 i would cut in 5 lbs of beef trim fat or some butt.


I did 5 lbs of rattler a couple years ago and used chicken thigh meat.

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Looking forward to the sausage. icon14.gif

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I can't help you BobDog, but I sure will be watching for it !!


Thanks for the heads up!



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Looking forward to this. You can get gator meat just about anywhere around here.

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I have a friend coming over with some to smoke today. Never smoked sausage before.


I believe they are about 5/8" diameter.


How long, what temp?


Thanks for any help.



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IF Nepas says to  do it, do it.  He's the man when it comes to sausage for sure!

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Originally Posted by alblancher View Post

IF Nepas says to  do it, do it.  He's the man when it comes to sausage for sure!

 I certainly will. I hope he says something,

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 A friend brought me some gator sausage from N.O.  Very tasty indeed!

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Winging it. biggrin.gif


gator4.jpggator1.jpggator smoke.jpg

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Dang Marlin that's a lot of gator.


What temp do you take the tail meat to so it's tender & not rubbery?

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Only had the sausage and a few pieces of tail to try. I didn't check the temp, just went with when they looked done and tested them.


It is really good. A local meat market made the sausage.


About 3 hours at 200 to 225.  

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I just got back on line (no electric for 3 days), and that stuff looks AWESOME !!!!!!


Sure wish I could taste that !!!



Awesome pics too !!!!





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looks great bobdog............... icon14.gif       never tried gator...... might have a opportunity at the SELA.....




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To be honest, I have eaten so little gator sausage over my lifetime I couldn't tell you real good gator sausage or bad gator sausage.  I know that at SELA BobDog will get us some real good gator sausage.  I'm looking forward to it also.  

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Nice job looks great !

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