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Lang 60??

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Hey guys new here but figured I would ask everyones opinions on this topic. Im looking into getting BBQ comps and possibly catering(depending on local demand for it). My question is Im looking at the Lang 60 and 84, I was wondering if I dont end up going to heavy into catering is the 60 big enough for comps and still do small catering on side? Thanx in advance for your responses.


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Did you check the Lang website?  They give you a pretty good idea of what each smoker will hold.  One of the most common sayings around here is to decide how big a smoke you want then buy the next larger size.  The other saying is "I wish I had bought the smaller smoker because I don't use it if it's just for my wife and I". 


In my opinion the 60 is too big for cooking for just the family so I would want to know for sure if competition and catering was what I really wanted to do.   Then you need to decide how many entries will you make in each comp, are you doing people's choice, how about whole hog?  How much traveling will you do?


Good luck on your decision, keep us updated for what you decide.



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prob won't enter whole hog but id like to do ribs,chicken, shoulder,brisket.
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Bump for the lang owners, where are ya? 

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The answere is the 60 is big enoeph for comps and you can get a whole hog in one up to the recommended weight capacity of the smoker.  I would consider the warmer box also.  I have the 48 mobile without the warmer box and wish I had it at times. 

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thank u for answering! Pretty much what I needed to knw and I was thinking of doing warmer box to.
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Go big


I started with a small wally world sfb smoker and decided shortly after that it was not big enough to # 1 do comps, #2 to cater  with.

I decided to build a trailer smoker and used a 500 gallon LP tank. Size matters :)

Anyway if you can afford the 84 do it you will not be disapointed.


I cook small runs on my 500 as well as large cooks, the one thing about going with the big size smoker is that I have found that once you fire it up and get to temp it stays there ! the metal is very thick on them and hold heat very well.


My smaller 120 gallon smoker I seem to have to micro manage the fire box to keep her where I want it. 

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2bear thanx for the advice I will take that into consideration.
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My GF just bought me a Lang 60 Deluxe and pretty amazing. I can fire it up for a few racks or ribs on Sunday. I can fire it up and smoke 10 boston butts to feed about 100+ people or take the top rack out and smoke a whole hog for comps and everything in between. LANG 60 DELUXE bro...

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