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Gros's Pepper Stout Beef

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I started to post this under Gros's thread "Pepper Stout Beef with QVIEW" but requested I start a new thread so I'll copy it over here. I decided to sign up for this forum after reading this recipe and seeing the photos.  I'll will say to Gros that Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  And I hope my attempt at your recipe will do it justice.


This is a post in progress so I will post my photos along the way and this is going to be for tomorrow night's diner. We have a new meat shop in town called  What a fantastic selections of meats.  I ended up walking out with a 10 lb chuck roast. Then a quick trip to total wines for a bottle of Stout.  When I got home I patted it down with olive oil like the recipe calls for and then covered it with La Pans BBQ Blessings. I didn't have any Montreal Steak Spices. Then I placed it in the refrigerator over night and tomorrow I'll place it on the smoker. More pics and recipe to follow tomorrow.


IMG_3642 copy.jpg


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Smoker's ready and roast is on.  At 225 degrees how long should I expect this 10 lb roast to cook to reach 165 degrees?


IMG_3675 copy.jpg

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Looks great!




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Looking good.


I love the Meathouse, but their main focus really seems to be grilling.  As it is a chain, your local manager may vary.  We got one here in Raleigh a few months ago.  The thing I was really pleased with there is the spices for rubs.  They have a ton of stuff, and it's very economical.  They say that they're trying to go old-school butcher, but I would say they are a gourmet butcher shop.  Regardless, they do actually have butchers, and there's something to be said for that.

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Kid your right.  I see them as a gourmet butcher also but here in SoCal I'll take it.  There are very few butchers around here and they are far and few in between.  And I do get tired of everyone hawking Carne Asda :)

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Looks great so far!

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Looks good. icon14.gif

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Thanks for the kind words on my Pepper Stout Beef post. I'll be watching for yours. If you have any questions about it, don't hesitate to PM me. And welcome to SMF. They are a lot of great cooks on here to learn from. Have a great day.

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Thanks guys.  I have a new offset smoker so I am still learning it.  After fooling around with the lid I got it within 15-20 degrees at the grates of the upper thermometer.


IMG_3686 copy.jpg


Here is the old smoker.  I'm thinking of making a planter out of it and growing some veggies in it.


IMG_3683 copy.jpg



Fresh peppers out of my garden.  These will be added later. Now its time to check the temp on the roast.

IMG_3682 copy.jpg





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Okay after 5 hours and 15 minutes I have an internal temp of 150 degrees.  This is the first time I have opened the lid.  Just a little more cook time then on to the next stage.


IMG_3689 copy.jpg

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Looks good already my friend. Keep the pics coming.

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Cut up the veggies, onions, red bells, and peppers.  I added a little crush garlic since it will be going into the pasta.  


IMG_3691 copy.jpg


Off the smoker and into the oven at 350. Somewhere between 3-4 hours it should be ready.  But only after I added Moylan's Imperial Stout to the mixture.  Oops...I spilled some in my glass.


IMG_3693 copy.jpg

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I don't know what happened to this photo. Maybe to much stout. Anyway it was fantastic shredded and served with bow tie pasta topped with fresh Parmesan cheese and garlic bread.


IMG_3703 copy.jpg

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Very nice buddy. I've been peeking all day to see how it turned out. Glad to see it turned out great & you liked it. Great job.

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That really did turn out nice.  Wow.  Well done, sir.


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looks good2thumbs.gif

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Thanks everyone.  This is really a nice recipe.  Fun to make also.

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Great color...

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It looks great thumbs.gif

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