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Boneless Rib Roast

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been a  while since I posted and since I did one of these.

on my long weekend with plenty to smoke and cook so I thought I would share

here's the start.  just about 7# 

kosher salt, garlic onion and pepper over a EVOO rub.

going to smoke it over apple wood for dinner this afternoon

will put it in the smoker about 10. take  it to 130* .

stay tuned

ready for a rub down

prime rib 004.jpg

ready and resting

prime rib 005.jpg

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See ya later!!



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Looks good so far!

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Looking good. icon14.gif

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Quit Teasing Us, Uncle !!!!!






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Hey guys, really sorry I didnt finish the post yesterday !

It was very sunny and hot and I enjoyed myself in the back yard a little too much.

thanks for being patient!

Here is the roast as it rests

and after I sliced it

no big fancy dinner just Meat and some fresh cukes and onions in sweat and sour sauce

total cook time was about 5 hours.kept the smoker at about 220 the whole time. it did creep up to 250 once but only for about

15 min or so. I pulled it out of the smoker at 125* and rested it in my Alto-Shaam set on hold @ 140* when I sliced it  it  was 135*

thanks for watching


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Looks great. Bet it was quite delicious. Nice to see you back unc.

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That looks beautiful.

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it looks great and yummy

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Oh Baby! That's sweet!


It looks just perfect Lar!




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MMMMMmmmmmmm................. Oh Yeah !!!!!!



Thanks Uncle,




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