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Spares & BBs First attempt QView

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3 Racks of Baby Backs

2 Racks of Spares

Jeff’s Naked Rib Rub

Jeff's BBQ Sauce to glaze

Apple Juice

Apple & Cherry Wood

Spares & Baby Backs.JPG





Remove the membranes, rub and return the fridge for the night


Smoke at 225 bones down for 3 hours

Brush with apple juice and flip over continue smoking at 225⁰ for 2 hours

Brush both sides with BBQ sauce and return to the smoker at 225 bones down for 1 hour


Splashed them with Apple juice, double wrapped with foil, wrapped in a towel and rested in a cooler for 1 hour


Baby Backs.JPG


Spares 2.JPG




Money shot: baby backs with smoked beans, cheesy potatoes, and macaroni salad


Money shot.JPG


Thanks for looking


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LOOKS GREAT yahoo.gif

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That's a great looking dinner you have there!

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Looks delicious!

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Looks great. icon14.gif

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Looks Great!!

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Looks good from where I sit!

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Strong work... looks delicious ! ...

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I could go for a plate of that right now!
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I gotta agree with Elly---Looks real good fro Southeast PA !!!



Thanks Arnie!



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