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First Spare Ribs

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Well I hadn't done spares yet on the new smoker, and the wife wants them for her birthday cookout, so I figured I had better make sure I could do them BEFORE her birthday.


I used my standard (and favorite) KC rub, and got them put in the fridge last night.


Started cooking @ 12:00 using 3-2-1:


Here they are just going on the smoker all warmed to 225. for the 3




Getting ready to put them into a foil pan with a little apple juice/water mix.  Sealed with foil on top for the 2.




Back to the open grate for the remaining 1:




Applied some Sweet Baby Rays with 30 min left:




All done!! Good thing too, as I was gettin' hungry :




The patio table set and ready to eat:




And of course the money shot!!:




Fall off the bone good!!


Thanks for looking.

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They look great

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That's a great looking smoke ring you have!icon14.gif

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They look great, nice pullback!   icon14.gif

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