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Smoking two butts to bring to my in-laws tomorrow.  Big air show at the airport and they live right next to it.  gonna have some smokey butt and watch the Blue

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How do you like your master forge? I am trying my first butt in mine tonight.
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Good start

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I like it. I went to a fire place store and got a self sticking flat rope. Gasket for the door. Keeps the smoke and heat in better.
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Good luck! Keep us posted!

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been a long night so I decided I better throw a fatty in for breakfast.photo6.jpgphoto7.jpgphoto5.jpgphoto4.jpg

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Looking good!!



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fatty came out good.11.jpg10.jpg

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The fattie looks great!

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The snack looks great, come on butts. drool.gif

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butts are finally coming up to temp.  They stalled for about 5 hours.  glad I started them earlier than I had planned.  Supposed to eat at 3.  another 10 degrees and then into the cooler till then.  I will post pics later.  can't wait to eat them along with my homemade somked jalapeno bbq sauce.

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