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Beer for Nuns

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Two mature nuns were shopping at a local convenience store on a warm summer day when one developed a real hankering for a cold beer.  She whispered her desire for a libation to the other nun, who agreed that a bottle of beer sounded particularly refreshing considering the current heat wave.  They quietly reminisced about how much they both really enjoyed ice cold brews before taking their vows.  It had been a long time since either one had anything other than communion wine.


One thing led to another, and they decided to split a 6 pack, but both were too embarrassed to bring it up to the counter.  What would the clerk think?  After much deliberation, one of the nuns screwed up her courage, chose a 6 pack out of the beer case, and marched up to the counter as though she did this every day.  The clerk could not hide his surprise, and the nun's embarrassment quickly overtook her again, and she bashfully said, "It's for washing our hair.  It makes the best shampoo!"


The clerk took a few moments to size up the situation then reached under the counter and set a package of pretzels next to the 6 pack and said, "The bag of curlers is on the house."

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