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winner winner brisket dinner

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threw a brisket on the GOSM to have for dinner and sandwiches over the weekend


I did an injection of pirates gold to keep it moist then into the fridge overnight


brisket 001.jpg


rubbed down ready for some TBS


brisket 002.jpg


abour four hours in chamber temp a nice 250


brisket 003.jpg



brisket 004.jpg


about eight hours in temp was 180


brisket 005.jpg


out of the smoker  the last couple hours i wrapped it and poured some beef stock in the pan to make a gravy then covered with foil


brisket 007.jpg

been resting for about half an hour


brisket 008.jpg


all pulled and ready to eat


brisket 009.jpg

heres my plate   i dipped the buns in some of the sauce


brisket 010.jpg



dinner was great


thanks for looking

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Great chow!


Nice plate!!


The slaw makes it happen for me....mmm.



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Looks great Rick, did you smoke the tater tots? 

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Awfully nice looking plate there!  Congrats!

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Looks yummy Rick!

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Looks great Rick

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Looks Awesome Rick !!!!


Super BearView too!!


Nice plate!!


Sammy looks lonely---should have a buddy or 2 with her!!!





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Great Looking Dinner Rick!



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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you guys gotta try that pirates gold inferno marinade     it really puts a nice hot twist to the meat  it's the kind of heat that sneaks up, you dont taste it at first then it hits after a few bites!

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