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4th of july rib and pork member q-view

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Hey, heres a quick rundown with my new smoker/grill. Brinkman duo with sfb. This is my first attempt at a q-view, so be nice please... 77.gif

I started with some ribs and pork butt from Publix, and a new smoker...a overnight rub with a simple recipe-

black pepper, paprika,garlic powder,onion powder,salt,cayenne,and brown sugar. Rubbed the meat with a little mustard before rubbing. Sat overnight in fridge. Soaked hickory chips.

Morning.,Pull meat from fridge,start fire with chimney, line smoker with HD foil for easy cleanup (including side fire box). Add coals to fire and dump half chimney on top of hot coals. I used the temp probe in tater on grill to let me know when I hit 225 in smoke chamber, and added wet chips to get a good smoke. Sprayed cheap no stick spray on grills and put on the meat.

 I tried to maintain temps at or above 240-245 after the initial heat loss when I put meat on. After approx 2.5 hours I switched the temp probe to the pork butt from the tater(I only have one temp probe). The internal temp of the butt was 145 when I wrapped both ribs and butt in foil and just added a few coals to maintain temps. I finished off after foiling meat in about 2.5 hours. Internal temp on butt was 180, but it turned out moist and pretty good overall. Ribs were great, I never checked temp on ribs, just cooked them as long as the butt.

I liked the new smoker, but it is small. The grill saved my butt, I cooked burgers and dogs for everyone else, and my wife and I waited around for the smoked meat. It was a good holiday, good food, good eats, and good company. That’s all I can ask for. Oh, the beer was good too.




getting broke in ribs and pork butt (3).JPG



getting broke in ribs and pork butt (4).JPG



Ribs. Sorry I dont have a pic of the pulled pork...I was busy


ribs done.JPG






Smoker used....


new smoker.JPG

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Looks great ! icon14.gif

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nice smoker

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Congrats on a great smoke & a beautiful smoker!  That thing is MONDO!  thumb1.gif

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Nice job.drool.gif

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Looks delicious! Great job!   icon14.gif

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