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Brisket advice

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My step-daughter's 21st birthday party is tomorrow. She requested brisket & baby backs for the party. Now, normally, this isn't a problem, but when I went to Sam's Club to get the meat, they had really tiny brisket flats (5 - 7 pounds) normally I get around a 9 pound flat. 


The only thing they had that was bigger than the 7 pounder was a 16 packer! Yup....that's what I bought!


My questions are:

Should I separate the flat from the point and smoke the flat as I normally would and save the point for later?  OR - Should I cut it in half (each 1/2 would have flat & point) to reduce the cooking time?  OR - should I cook the whole blessed thing?


I've only ever cooked the flats and have that task down. I've never tackled the packer before, so advice is needed.


yes......I will post q-view.





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There are so many options when it comes to smoking brisket you are just going to have to pick one. Personally, since you have only smoked flats, I would take the challenge & smoke the whole brisket intact & separate it after it's smoked. That's just me though. There are a lot of brisket threads, so use the search & see what you can find. Here's a link to one I did. I separated the point & flat before smoking & used the point for burnt ends.


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Cut off part of the flat and freeze it for pastrami and smoke the rest.

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If you have the room and the time cook the whole blessed thing. Once it's done seperate the point from the flat and use the point to make burnt ends. Freeze what doesn't get eaten. Just make sure you allow enough time, inclusing a little rest.

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