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Let the weekend begin!

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Alright, as some of you have seen from my previous posts, this upcoming weekend, actually tonight through tomorrow, I will be smoking 45 +/- pounds of Boston Butts.  These were purchased from Sam's Club - not sure if they are bone in or not, I didn't pick them up!


They were froze until Tuesday, refridgerated to slowly thaw, rubbed up last night starting with a healthy coat of mustard followed by a caking of brown sugar/garlic salt, cajun, cayenne (sp), and paprikia.  It's a very simple rub, I make it on the fly every time but had to make sure I didn't spice it up to much as I am cooking for several, 50-80, people. 


Anyways, the meat is still in the fridge, after work I will be loading in a cooler for the trip and then smoking through the night and finishing hopefully early afternoon tomorrow.  This should allow for a rest in a towel and cooler to be pulled just before the get together begins.


I have beginning Q-View shots, however they are on my phone, which is in my pocket, but I'm at work at the moment.  Maybe I'll get to sneak them on later!


Have a good weekend all!

Happy smoking! 

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Good luck Heyer! We'll be watching.

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110.gifThought i would keep alelover company.O'yea heres you beerbeercheer.gif.

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i"ll join in,beercheer.gifpopcorn.gif

now all we need is some music music-064.gif



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I'll join in with the festivities as well but of course, I'll wait until I am off of work!  :)


Thanks guys, I'll try to get some pics up!

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You got me glued. 45+ lbs of butt...YIKES! Where's my beer...



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Mine is in a keg..at the liquor store, darn it anyways!  I'm working right now on uploading pre-smoke pictures to photobucket.  They aren't great, I took them after we had the butts wrapped and in the fridge, but it's better than nothing.  Hopefully I'll remember to take some throughout the smoke and after it's done.  It's gonna be a bash this weekend, more food then we will ever need to eat, but it'll be fun!

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We bought 3 packs of two butts from Sam's club.  They were 14.something, 14.something and 17.something.  Gonna be a loooong night, probably wont' get on the smoker until 8 or so.  Gonna have to get 'er real warm before putting that much meat on!

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Refrigerator full of Meat and beer !!!!! got to love it . drool.gif

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Looks like it's gonna be a great weekend!

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What you can't see if the Sam Adam's IPA, Bells Double Chocolate Stout (heat index of 100-112 forcasted for the next 5 days, won't be drinking any dark/heavy beer!), and the other random tasty beers!  All out of homebrew, kind of disappointed, I should just start brewing, I know how, but just don't feel like I have the time to!

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Go for it  untitled8.bmp

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Those butts look like they'll be great. Waiting for the rest of that Q-View. popcorn.gif


At first glance I was worried about your choice of beer. Glad you clarified it. biggrin.gif


I need to brew too but it's been so hot here and my helper just got a new hip so I've been kind of idle on that front.

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Hey now, there is nothing wrong with a crappy lager named Busch Light!  I don't touch Bud Lite (darn near the same thing though) or really much else for cheap beer besides Coors Original or High Life Heavy.  That or some Crown n 7...ahh, I can taste it now

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cheers.gif  beercheer.gif   popcorn.gif

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icon14.gif  1947_eating_popcorn_and_drinking_be.gif

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Alright, sorry for the delay guys and gals, it was a busy, busy weekend!  A little run down of the events...

This was a surprise party for my girlfriends parents and they hadn't a clue what was happening!  We started the smokers around 9 PM Friday night, once they got up to ideal temp, the 225 range, we threw 3 butts on each smoker.  Mine: WSM 18.5" and the other was a Brinkmann bullet, little harder to work with, had to tend to the coals and wood a lot more to keep temp, but it worked!  Anyways, meat went on a little before 10 PM and surprisingly enough, the temp didn't drop near as much as I had expected with the amount of cold meat that we were putting on.


We headed inside around midnight to catch what little shut eye that we could.  Heck, I hardly slept a blink knowning this was the first time I was smoking meat for a bunch of people, I didn't want anyone to end up sick or not like it, I was a little nervous to say the least!  Anyways, we woke up at 2:45 Am to check the temps, WSM was holding steady at 225 still, going on 5-6 hours without needing to be watched, the Brinkmann on the other hand needed some work.  We stoked the coals a bit, addy a chunk or two of wood and it was back in action.  I think we made it back inside around 3:30, reset my alarm for 6:30 AM. 


6:30 comes along, we get up, WSM still fine, Brinkmann not to bad but had to do a little adding to warm it back up.  Anyways, we pulled the meat off at 11:00 AM, only 13 hours of smoking and it was 195 in the center.  Tin foil wrapped, set in a big Igloo cooler, laid towels over the top and shut it.  4 hours later we began to pull what was left of the 45/46 pounds we had purchased and rubbed ourselves.


Well, it turned out great.  Everyone raved about the meat which made it seem like we did a good job.  Keg ran dry a little after midnight, and after Sunday dinner, the meat was all gone. 


Sorry, bad write up, I know.  Not really in the thinking mode yet, still tired from the weekend and trying to process work at the same time.


This is around 6:30 in the AM if I remember correctly.  Showing a nice bark!






A little thin blue smoke


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A beautiful sight Heyer!


Looks like you did good!



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