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lunch meat

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I have been wanting to make some different kinds of lunch meat.  i make pastrami and ham all the time, but i want to make some chicken or turkey.  Has anyone ever brined large chunks of chicken, coated them with gelatin, stuffed them into a large synthetic casing, and smoked them like a sausage???  I know that's how they make what you buy in the store, but who wants that when you can make your own???  Has anyone done this before????

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You can use any kind of meat to make sausage with. There are a lot of sausage experts on here and hopefully one will be along to give you a good answer. In the meantime you may want to use the search feature.

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i make sausage all the time, i just have never used this method.  Just wanted some input before i waste the time and money on something that may not work.  i will try the search bar also.

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"coated them with gelatin, stuffed them into a large synthetic casing"


That sounds like what we try to avoid by making it ourselves. All kidding aside. What is the purpose of the gelatin? Moisture? Does it help to keep the meats form after it sets?

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keeps the meat together, look in rytek's book.....that's how he mentions making canadian bacon.  I belive thats how you make a whole class of sausage like head cheese and other stuff like that.  If rytek did it i wouldn't knock it!!!!!

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I have done, chicken, ham, turkey, and roast beef, but I just smoke it til its done then slice thin, and freeze in portioned bags. We love haveing it in the freezer. I have never tried the gelatin method though.

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I haven't gotten into that chapter yet killnsmoke.

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Originally Posted by killnsmoke View Post

  Has anyone ever brined large chunks of chicken, coated them with gelatin, stuffed them into a large synthetic casing, and smoked them like a sausage???  Has anyone done this before????

Yeah Killn I have, and they are my favorite type of sausage.

They're not always brined but I like the big 3-4 inch casing for slicing into lunch meat. ya can't beat home made.


See if any of these interest ya.





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thanks dan!!!!  glad to see someone knew what i was talking about!!!  Thanks for the links!!!

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Geletan is used to help bind together larger chunks of meat . Such as head cheese , different types of lunch meats. Usually one uses unflavored geletan.there is nothing substandard about the geletan.It simply  helps hold the chunks together.If i were to make lunch meat out of poultry I would measure and cut the meat to fit into the casing whole. Inject it with cure and spices. Allow it sit overnight then using correct size casing stuff it tightly. No need for geletan. Smoke it as you would any other sausage of its type.taking the same precautions.Or you can grind the meat and make it like you would any other meat sausage. If you must use chunks of poultry  , say 1 and a half inches then the geletan would be very helpful.if you cure the meat and use hickory you will end up with a meat that tastes much like ham without the fat.One can cut the fat off a couple strips of bacon , chop it and add it to the poultry .Let your own taste and health be your guide.

  Back to original question.You can cure and smoke poultry in lunch meat form in proper casings using geletan to maintain its form. But it has to be cured if you are smoking it. Your spices can dictate flavor. You can make the poultry sausage without using smoke but I would still cure it and add spices. Keep your temps the same as any sausage making.I wouldnt use liguid or smoke salt for poultry. Hope this helps Happy S making and smoking. Weisswurst

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