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Mixon Vs. Kirk

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Been reading a little lately as well as wathing some Pitmasters etc... Mr. mixon over here says he is the KING of BBQ. He has 3 worlds and bunches of other wins. Hes arrogant yes but seems to know the buisness.  Then we go over to Paul Kirk the Baron of KC. Seems he boasts he has won 7 worlds to include the Royal and Memphis in may along with a  boat load of awards as well. Hes also a certified judge.


Just curious as to what all the veteran smokers think of these 2 guys. Myron has a KISS attitude but can come off kinda harsh. Kirk seem to be a good old boy lol.


Just wondering if Nixon only has 3 worlds and kirk has 7 how he can be KING lol...

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Maybe they should go head to head & see who wins.

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Maybe they should go head to head & see who wins.

They would never do that - their ego's are too big to take a chance on loosing to the other guy


Both guys have put up some great Q for sure.  I would take a class from either of them but they guy I would really like to go watch is Johnny Trigg  


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I'm willing to bet if Food Network puts up the bucks you could get a one to one. 


My wife has been watching pit masters and keeps talking about how we  should compete.  Since we don't own a restaurant or build smokers or write cookbooks I just don't see how you could afford to do it with the prize money available.  Maybe we'll try and do the local competition just for the experience but it looks to me that if you don't finish consistently in the top 4 or 5 it could get expensive.


Mixon said it last night - people come out here to visit and talk all that -------.  I come out here to win and make money..

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Id like to take the classes as well. Mixon's class is 750.00. I have seen video's on youtube. In the video he does not smoke on a conv smoker. he uses the cinder block smoker for whole hogs and chicken etc. Id like to see how he does it on a regular smoker and not the cinder block and expanded wire one.



Johnny T is the man. He seems a little calmer than Mixon. I would take his class in a heartbeat. Kirk puts on a good  one too from the vids I have seen on youtube. I guess you hear more from mixon than kirk even though kirk seems to have won more.

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