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MES lurker

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Been lurking for sometime even before my wife got me one for fathers day.


Somehow was mysteriously entered into a backyard BBQ contest by wife and mom in law.


Anyway, previously owned a brinkmann upright which I retired after a year since it was a starter. First smoked racks of ribs ended up dry of course since I really didn't know what to expect.. After some successful smokes of boston butts chickens etc. my wife said it's time to retire this brinkmann and gave me a MES 30 for fathers day. I was excited especially since all the stores around me sell COS and the good smokers are really out of my price range to be functional for my purposes at this time.


Could any MES owners provide me with any tips?


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You might have woken the Bear! biggrin.gif

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Welcome to the forum!  Some MES owner/operators will be by to advise you soon.  Please head on over to the Roll Call and introduce yourself so we can all give ya a warm welcome!

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I have an MES 30. what are your questions or concerns? I'll be up for a while waiting on the 4 turkey breasts I just smoked to cool for slicing. I'll be checking back on this post periodically. You can PM me also.

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welcome1.gif   Glad to have you with us!



There are a ton of MES users on here, just start asking questions.

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Fire your questions at us

Lots of your questions and/or concerns have probably been discussed on this forum.

When in doubt, use the "Search" tool




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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like everybody says , just start asking questions , somebody here will have the answer . i can tell you this , you will love that smoker . i used to use my brinkman once or twice a month , now i use my MES30 once or twice a week . it is SOOOO easy

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