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Figured while I'm smoking, might as well do a Quiche.. Yeah I know, I aint a real man; as "Real men dont eat quiche" !!!





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Can't wait for the Bear View! icon_eek.gif

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Smoked quiche with smoked cheese were goodly...LOL


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Just an update on the smking for those who may care...


AMZN Smoker kicking ASS!!!!!!!!!!!







That TBS is absolutely wonderful, and temps holding between 105-110  wow I happy camper!!



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Offer still up for deck hand. biggrin.gif

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That is without a doubt the best looking salmon I have ever see.  One Shriner clown to another.

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That Salmon looks sooooo good!!!!


And I never had Quiche, but I would have no problem devouring a few slices of that stuff.


I guess it's OK for Bears to eat it !!!!  biggrin.gif





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I am speechless i am lost of  words so i can just say th_sSig_wowspring.gif it is amazingth_sSig_youtheman.gif

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Dang---another keyboard !!!!!




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Closest thing we get to that color red is "Roadkill"!!!


Looks AWESOME My friend!!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Now that is the reason I laugh each time I shop at our Grocery stores and see them touting FRESH SALMON. hit.gif


Thanks for reminding me what they really look like.

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I have read some posts lately that use a wet brine for their salmon.  I have never used a wet brine, as the dry one I use produces all the moisture needed to make the salmon ready for cold smoking, and/or kipper hot smoking. Heres my Alaskan recipe:


8-12 Red salmon fillets cut into 1" long strips

4 lbs. brown sugar (I use light)

1 cup Onion powder

1 cup garlic powder

1/2 cup black pepper (fine ground)

2 cups Pickling Salt (needed to produce correct brinning solution, and easily washed away)




mix well in a large bowl, making sure all lumps in sugar are gone.


place salmon in a food safe tote and cover with dry brine.


mix thoroughly with hands to ensure all pieces have a good coating on them.




set aside in a cool place covered for 2 hours; remix with hands to get dry off of bottom of tote.


recover, set aside for 2 hours and repeat above step.


set aside and allow to set another 2 hours--a total of 6 hours in brine. ( can go longer up to 12 hours without a problem)




remove from tote, rinse well in COLD water and towel dry


place on racks to air dry for 12-14 hours, (8-10 with a small fan blowing across them)



warm smoker to 105 and place fish inside. add smoke flavor of choice (most use alder, though its not my choice) smoke between 100-110 degrees for 16-18 hours OR till the desired consistency is achieved.  The longer the dryer and harder the salmon, but dam good too.




Let cool for 1 hour--vacuum seal and freeze--(thats if you can leave enough after MUNCHING out to have any leftover to freeze)laugh1.gif



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Thanks Alaskan Bear !!!


Awesome !!



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