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First fatties and a chicken

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Tried making a sausage and a beef fattie.

I thought the beef came out better than the sausage (both tasted good), the sausage one just tasted too greasy with the bacon (mouth feel wasn't the best).

I used apple chips and the bacon is was a thick sliced local (bulk) that has a great taste to it... next time I'll use a standard thin sliced bacon.



Chicken breasts were a touch dry, thighs were nice and juicy. Pulled at 175... should have pulled at the same time as the fatties of 165 or so...


When I pulled the fatties... 165



175 on the breast.



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Whats in the fatties?

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Originally Posted by teeznuts View Post

Whats in the fatties?

It looks good from the outside and the inside ??????? Qview please


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They both look good! I always use the thinnest bacon I can find for fatties. That way the bacon gets nice & crispy.

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Nice color, how about a sliced shot on the Fatty...

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looks good thumb1.gif

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Tut, If you ever want to do salmon, this is how I do it.........Am I saving myself yet.......Sorry this belonged on Kinny's thread. Never open 2 threads at once...


Tut, Morning.

I prefer to leave the skin on salmon. Main reason is to not lose the fat layer between the skin and the meat.....Keeps the fish is a good indicator of when the fish is "done" ( a white fat oozes thru the layers of meat...It is done) and the health benefits of salmon oil are worth it. (omega 3's and 6's)


How did I do that ???? I must be asleep at the keyboard, Going to find the right thread........

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how about a shot of that chicken too?

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