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Boneless Chicken

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I deboned a whole chicken and stuffed it with a Brown rice Spinich and shitaki Mushrooms. Its on the grill as I type. More pictures to follow.








Heres a link if you would like to learn how to debone a whole chicken and make Lollypop chicken  

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looks great so far, great link also. thanks

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Its all done and turned out fantastic !! The guest even had seconds.....







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Nice job on that spineless...................icon_rolleyes.gif

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Chicken looks delicious....

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Nice job! Looks delicious!

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Thanks guys, after thinking about it, I totally forgot to rub the bird down with olive oil. I did season it but the skin was like chewing on some tasty vis queen. It was still really good.

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It looks great. i will put it on my to do list

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