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whole boneless top sirloin $2.79lb

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I have bought 4 of them all around 14-15 pounds each.  Cut some thick steaks,  grind the ends into GB and have a couple still whole.  heck of a deal.biggrin.gif

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Don't leave us hanging now. 

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I'll try and get some pics tomarrow when I cut one,  and then when ever I get around to smoking an entire sirloin roast I will post some pics of that.  I may go buy more as the sale is on untill the 12th

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One of my favorite budget cuts. I'll get my butchering buddies to cut me one that's maybe 6" thick, and dry age it a week or two in the back of my fridge, trim off the scabs, and take it camping.

Good eats!

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I wonder where you got them?

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Sounds like a great price,

I wish they had deals like that where I live.icon_cry.gif

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For a topper, that would be a really good price in my area.


Good luck and good smoking.

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