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My New Toy

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Hey friends, I haven't been around much lately, been working 6 days a week, 10 hours a day so I 'lurk' late at night, ...y'all been puttin' out some fine looking grub, ...congrats to all.




The auger in my "inexpensive" $45 meat grinder finally stripped out, so in desperation to grind some hamburger I broke out the old hand crank, ha! (I forgot what that was like) ...I looked on line and with the shipping the American grinders came to about the same price as this, I bought a Kenwood Pro Excel 2000 for about $300.


Grinder 003.jpg


What a difference, it ground up 15# of partially frozen chuck on the slow speed faster than I could feed the meat into the hopper and the motor didn't slow down at all, they say it will grind 3 kg (6.6#) per minute and I believe it, that works out to 15# in 2 1/4 minutes, it took about 5, the only reason it took longer was the old man was tired and couldn't keep up with the grinder.  LOL


Thursday is a holiday for us so I'm thinkin' some chicken sausage is soundin' mighty  good.


A bientot,



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Nice grinder...


I also liked the pic of the bananas hanging over your fence!!



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Industrial strength!  Nice.  I need that during deer and elk season! 781.gif

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Originally Posted by adiochiro3 View Post

Industrial strength!  Nice.  I need that during deer and elk season! 781.gif

You mean you can still use guns there? pot.gif

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Congrats Gene - looks like a geat find


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Alright! Another new toy! Congrats!

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Uh Oh!!!


Gene's in business now!!!


Congrats to the Tahiti Sausage Maker!!!



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A bientot,.........................     .............  



So long as in see you later...... never heard that one gene... Nice grinder..... I wouldnt want to be a chicken in tahiti.....


Dont forget the bear-veiw.....drool.gif

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You'll have fun with that Gene. "I wouldn't want to be a chicken in Tahiti."  That's funny Joe. I wouldn't want to be a chicken anywhere. chicken.gif

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