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First attempt at pozole

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First I took the left over bones & skin from two chicken(one smoked, one grilled.)  Then I added a mirepoix(carrots, onion, & celery.)




Then I added some bay leaves & italian seasoning blend




Oops!  I almost forgot about the backbones I had in the freezer(because I cooked them spatchcock style.)




Added enough water to cover, then I set the slow cooker on low for 9 hours.




After 9 hours:




This is the strained stock:




I put a stopper in the sink.  Then put the pot in the sink & filled with ice water.  This is so I could cool it off enough to put it in the fridge before I had to leave for work.




After it has been cooled off in the refrigerator, you can skim off the excess fat.




I then took about half of the stock & froze it.  When I was ready to make the soup, I took the remaining stock & reheated it.  I also took one dried ancho chile pepper, de-seeded, tore it into small pieces & toasted it on medium heat in a pan.(forgot to take a pic)  I also probably could have used two, but this was my first attempt.


Anyways, after you toast the chile till it blisters a little, then you throw them in a bowl, cover with boiling water and let them soak for 30 minutes.




After 30 minutes, throw the chiles with soaking water in a blender.




At this point, I added the blended chile sauce to the stock along with two cans of hominy, leftover smoked chicken & some Mexican oregano.




It turned out okay, but I think I will add some garlic to the stock next time, as it was a little on the bland side(but did have smoke flavor!)  After I seasoned it with some garlic powder, onion powder, guallijo chile powder, & threw in a chipotle bouillon cube, it was much better.


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Looks great, I love me some pozole. drool.gificon14.gif Try adding a small can of diced green chiles. 

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Very interesting post!  Being a little retarded here, I never considered a slow cooker for stock.  Maybe I need a larger slow cooker.  Then again, do I have enough room to store even more toys?  Woops, I meant tools if my other half is looking?  LOL


Good luck and good smoking.

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Very nice icon14.gif

Anything that comes from a slow cooker is good...........and smoked too! points.gif


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It sure looks good from here!

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Wow, I never thought of the slow cooker for stock either. Brilliantly simple. Looks delicious, as do all your other posts. You're really churning out the groceries!!439.gif

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That Pozole Looks Great.. Nice Step By Step Qview...

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First the chihuahua abt's now pozole. I'm taking notes on your cooks cuz it's all stuff that my wife's family loves. Gonna make me a hit with the inlaws. Keep it coming!

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Thanks it looks great .you are on a roll well done

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