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Mmmm, Beef Ribs.

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My butcher has some fantastic looking beef ribs, so I had to give them a try. This is my first time cooking these...


Prepping -




First time using left over coals. No problem what so ever. Held temp like fresh out of the bag charcoal. Pecan wood mixed in -





Used Weber roasted garlic and herb seasoning with mustard. This seasoning is really heavy with the granulated garlic. Wasn't to crazy about that -




Check these bad boys out -










Doggies cant wait -






Smoked the ribs at 235-250 degrees. Went 2.5 hours un-foiled, then 1.5 hours foiled with 1/3 cup of beef broth in each foil pack, then .5 hours with a honey BBQ sauce brushed on top and temp raised to 275 for finishing. I was not to crazy about all the granulated garlic in the seasoning. I was very happy with the the tenderness of the ribs. Just gotta perfect the flavor now !!








Thanks for looking !!

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OH BOY OH BOY this is up my Ailey it look great i love how the meat pull beck and this color of those ribsimages14.jpg love the dogies waiting for their share

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drool.gif    I just smoked some beefies with cherry & wow I love me some beef ribs!!

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Great looking ribs. drool.gif

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Real nice!!



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They look great. Beef ribs are a family favorite at my house. Too bad you didn't like the seasonning. Try with Montreal steak spices if you can find some. That's how I do mine & everybody loves them.

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Very good. See the beefies don't need no 6 hours. Bet they tasted great!!

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Looks great! I love beef ribs but haven't been able to find any with much meat on em lately.

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They look delicious. Nice job!

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Great lookin BR's Kurt, Very nice for your first try bravo2.png


I like a simple rub on beef.............. salt, CBP,onion and garlic.

Thanks for the Qview icon14.gif

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Love Beef Rib & Those Look Great...

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