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Pro Delux grill/smoker

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Just wondering what some of the more "seasoned" members think of this particular grill/smoker. It comes from Menards and you have to buy the side box seperately, but for a cost of under $200 and being kinda new to this whole thing, just wondering if this would be a good one to "upsize" to from the small stand up charcoal/water type smoker i have now? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!biggrin.gif

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Got a pic or a link? 

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It is a good start. if you find you love smoking  you can add to it the side box if not you got a nice grill

be aware it is not easy to control the heat on this unit . for $200 - $300 you can get better deal.

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Originally Posted by meateater View Post

Got a pic or a link? 

  i fond this one 


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Oh a chargriller ! there are a few folks on here with them and the side fire box. You would need to do a few mods on it and it's not a bad little smoker. I would do a search for chargriller mods first and read up before you decide. 


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For the $ you may want to look at a WSM.

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