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My first smoke!

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Bought my smoker a week before the 4th.I wanted try it out for myself before I offered to have company over but my wife went ahead and invited some friend over and the game was on... I read a lot from this  web site (by the way its the best place to get GREAT advise  and help.  We wanted to eat around 5-5:30  so I planned it all out as to when I had to have it on give or take a few hours....I put it in the smoker a 4am with apple chips at 225.I added chips about every hr. I had a thermo and by 11:30 it was at 165 and that is the first picture I took. Looking good I thought. Anyway by about 3:30 it was 195-200 so I did what I read in these forums and wrapped it in foil and put it in a cooler with towels stuffed around it..When every thing else was done I pulled it out of the cooler. I could not believe it was still pretty warm. Got it in the house and let it rest a bit before I pulled it. Sorry not pictures of that though..

I just want to say Thanks for this Great site and the Great help one can get here. I told my brother about this place so he's up and reading too....porkbutt.jpgporkbutt2.jpg

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Nice job on the butt, looks great. drool.gif Welcome to the SMF. Glad to have you here. Lots of good folks, great recipes and knowledge. 

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Great job on your first PP. Were all happy that we could help you. 

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Great job Tom,

You only get one pardon from the money shot and you just used it! police2.gif  LOL

This is a great site, keep reading and smoking my friend.

Glad to have you with us biggrin.gif


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Looks Great...

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Looks good. Now do another one so we can see it pulled. I'm sure your friends won't mind eating it again.icon_biggrin.gif

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From here it looks good well done

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Looks great welcome to the site!  thumb1.gif

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Thanks everyone for the encouragement...I'm hooked ,I was alway told that smoking was bad for you

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lol...guess it depends on how you define 'bad'---I call it a 'quality of life' issue...

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Great job on your first smoke looks real good.  Smoking meat is actually healthy for you in my opinion icon_razz.gif

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Looks like you are off to a great start. Keep on smokin'. Welcome aboard.

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welcome1.gif AND Looks-Great.gif

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Hope mine turns out as good as yours looks.

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