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Smoked Pork Tenderloin with Q-View

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Started out with two pork tenderloins weighing just under 2 lbs each. Threw both in a gallon ziploc bag together and dumped in some EVOO and sprinkiled some Pappy's Prime Rib Rub. Tossed the bag around a bit and put in the fridge for an over night nap. Set the MES to 225 with mesquite chips and pulled at 145 and 149. I have always grilled these and haven't smoked due to so many comments here and in other forums about how dry these turn out when cooked low and slow. Tender, juicy and cuts with a fork. Enjoy the view.


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There is no harm in smoking a Tenderloin, but really it is not needed. The idea of smoking is taking a poorer cut of meat and tenderizing it with the Low and Slow. A TENDERloin is already tender. A Loin, I would smoke, a Tenderloin, I throw on the grill and roll it around til 145 to 150 internal as you did, then wrap and rest for a 1/2 hours. It still will come out moist and tender. Still and all, good job. Nice for a change. I am sure it was a great meal.

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Ya it was delish. I admit it's much quicker and more convenient to butterfly and throw on the grill but I had to try smoking it.

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We started marinading them in Mojo or a Teriayki sauce, then hit the grill and slice then after a rest. Hard to mess up a tenderloin, no matter how you do it. Dam things are getting expensive though.

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I love them smoked, that's perfect. drool.gificon14.gif

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Your tenderloin looks like it's cooked perfectly. Nice job!

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