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does anyone use store bought rubs or spice or BBQ sauce??? - Page 4

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There are lots out there and I have used a ton, however I also used to buy parmesan cheese in a shaker can...I just prefer fresh ground pepper and my own grown herbs and such, plus I'm not a big salt person. That being said, my rubs are much more economical than store bought! Guess my Scottish blood is showing through! Hee!!

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My favorite!


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I'm allergic ti onions. , so I make my own sauces and rubs. Penseys is a niceplace to get my ingredients, but the Mennonite market near my house is very cheap on all spices. My favorite sauce for chicken is white like Big Bob Gibson.
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I make my own rub (from other's recipes I've adapted) but still usually buy sauces since I don't have much experience making yet.  But I don't like the mass market stuff.  Two of my local favorites are:

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Wango Tango:



Sticky Lips Cherry Bomb:


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I found a mom and pop rub on a trip to Utah called, Wild Bill's.  I bought it and loved it so much that I called them on the phone and ordered some more.  It seems like some folks look down their nose at ya if you don't make your own.  IMO, it's a lot easier to start with a base and adjust it to one's liking.

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a lot of people don't like him cause he's a food network know it all.. but Guy Fieri's sauces are really good. i usually make my own but ill use his from time to time. his hot wing sauce is killer  

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I use Plowboy's Yardbird on pork and chicken. Beef is usually just salt and pepper.

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Been making my own rubs for a few months now...that seems to be the way to go since you can tweak them to your tastes.But, I have been a fan of Stubb's since going to the restaurant years ago. Sauces have a tangy, spicy flavor I love and their rubs are all good.. I also dig "Chicago Steak" by Weber for beef usually tri-tip. I used to use Montreal Steak but grabbed the Chicago once by mistake, great mistake never went back to Canada!

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Have done both but have been mixing my own for a while.....of course my own is simple - sea salt, a rough ground black pepper, garlic & onion powders. Have to watch the powders as they cake up sometimes and keep it well mixed as. Going to check some different brands just to see if I can get more consistency of size in the ingredients.

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I definitely prefer my own rubs over store bought.  About the only commercial rub I'll use in a pinch is McCormick Sweet n Smoky.  It was my go-to rub for years until I started making my own. 


BBQ Sauces?  Yeah, I haven't had much luck with making my own yet, but I really haven't applied myself either.  Sweet Baby Ray's is our go-to commercial sauce, a great one to doctor up several different ways.  


Bone Sucking Sauce is good just like it is out of the jar.  I like it.  My wife doesn't.   

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I have yet to experiment / invest in creating my own marinades & rubs. My top favorites are McCormicks Rubs & Seasonings,along with Stubbs BBQ Sauce and now that I tried it, their Marinades are pretty good too.

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When I have guest over for lunch/dinner I give them a choice, Cattleman's, my N.C. or tomato base, let them pick. The ones that don't use mine, I don't invite back.....just kidding.

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Originally Posted by billebouy View Post

Unfortunately, the main ingredient in almost all the grocery store BBQ sauce is high fructose corn syrup.  Ugh.

That is one of the reasons I like Stubb's sauces...no HFCS or MSG.  I tried their Hickory Bourbon this past weekend for the first time, loved it.  I had a buddy that used to market his own sauce to local stores, which was off the hook, but his little secret was to always use Tomato Puree. Gave his sauce a great consistency. I am hoping he goes back in business. One day I will start trying my hand at sauce making. 

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Usually tweak SBR's when I run dry of my own. Info on Stubbs sounds good and am going to order a bottle to try. Any flavour recommendation?
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I usually like the original, or spicy...but that Hickory Bourbon was really good.  I like their mix of spices and tomato based with vinegar too. The regular really isn't sweet, more tangy and spicy (not hot spicy). The Hickory was a bit sweet but not too much.  

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I almost always use commerial rubs and sauces.
my two favorites are Famous Davies and The Mad Hunkys

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I've watched enough BBQ Pitmasters to see the pros use a combination of both. LOL!  I have a couple off the shelf rubs I like for a base layer and then start applying layers of my own flavors.

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