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does anyone use store bought rubs or spice or BBQ sauce??? - Page 2

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After thinking about this. I probably use Montreal chicken & Montreal steak seasoning more than I do my own rub.


I have a great pork rub, but for beef & poultry I use Montreal a lot.


I make my own BBQ sauce too, but a lot of times I just doctor up some KC Masterpiece.

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I like to make my own rubs. Don't use barbeque sauce that much as I think rub is all that is needed most of the time. I have used famous daves rib rub as my mother in law is in love with famous dave. I have blended store bought rubs too. If you find two you kinda like but one is too salty, try mixing it with another you like. It is worth a shot if you.

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i use head country quite often for the sauce as for rubs i have several of my own recipes, if you'd like to try some feel free www.ifood.tv/rcsbriskethouse i also have a couple of videos on there that may come in handy i promise ya you wont be dissaponted

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I allways make my own rub. As for the sauce I have tried making it and its okay but I still prefer SBR's. I stock up when I see it on sale and it's a heck of alot cheaper than making your own.

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I use some concoctions my Son makes for himself.

I tried a few store bought. I like McCormicks & I hate Montreal Steak---Tastes like salty cardboard to me, but that's just me & mine.


I got some home made rub from Paul "Beer-B-Q", and his was Great.




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For my tri tips I usually use McCormicks? Canadian Steak seasoning. Lawry's Seasoned salt gets used also. Then some of Bone Suckin Sauce's rubs, and then just various rubs that were given to me. I'm in the process of learning how to make my own rubs and sauces. I want to be self sufficient with my BBQ'n.

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Right now i have Jim beam sauce , Rendezvous hot ,wickers both thick and thin,blues hog,mauls and country Bob's regular and hot.

Rubs ,i have Lawry's, cavenders,Montreal,Both Tony's,Cajun injector quick shake,McCormick Cajun bayou, and i buy spices in bulk from Sam's to make my own. 

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I got hooked on Stubb's, and used to only like the original. Now I have gravitated to the Stubb's Spicy and really like it.  When back in MN...I go to a place in Rochester where I lived and get their medium sauce - John Hardy's.  As for rubs - tried many and always come back to Jeff's, and also use some local concoctions here on the island.  




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Originally Posted by PDX210 View Post

I use lemon pepper often just not by itself as a base on brisket and pork ribs and often with 

stubs lime rub or Traeger prim rib rub sometimes with a yellow mustard cap 



 getting too complex and fancy with rubs can sometimes ruin a good BBQ


Penzeys Spices has the best Lemon Pepper I have ever tasted

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I really like Cabela's  "Kansas City Rub" on my pork ribs

and almost never use a sauce, but when I do, I use Cattlemen's, has half the carbs and sugars of Sweet Baby Ray's

Another seasoning I use is Emeril's BAM, which I make up myself from his recipe

For fish I like Penzeys Spices Lemon Pepper

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Originally Posted by coffee_junkie View Post

Sweet baby rays....baby! I don't use anything else, it is just simply the best IMO.


 Way to sweet, but I have tried that too. For Rubs, Durkees makes some decent stuff. Try their Chicken and Rib Rub. Grillmates make some pretty good rubs, but you will find making your own is the way to go. I do use some store bought sauces at times, but not something you find in the normally groceries. More specialty stores.

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I make all my own Rubs and Sauces...But there is always Montreal Steak and a bottle of KC Masterpiece in the pantry for Emergencies...JJ

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Had a bad experience with store bought sauces here,some sort of allergic reaction to the preservatives ,pretty nasty skin rash. I grind all my dry stuff from scratch & put sauces together off building blocks like soy,vinegar,citrus juice,beer etc. Alot of the stuff mentioned on this forum isnt available aussieflag.gifdown here. I use  some Asian sauces like Jimmys sate, a bunch of different chilli,in soya bean oil, with black bean,roasted, but steer clear of the big company brands.

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 I tried a LOT a different store bought Rubs, BUT I stick with Jeff's Rub ( have not made his sauce yet )

Sauce .. I LOVE Stubb's "Spicy"  I can eat that on everything !spicy.png

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I make my own sauces and rubs but always have a bottle of KC Masterpiece around for the kids.  If I do use a store bought I would prefer Gates Original from Gates BBQ in KC.  It is a tangy vinigar unsweet sauce. 

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I recently tried a couple types of Stubbs and really like it, but I also keep some sweet baby rays on hand... but that Stubbs spicy looks awesome, I'll get that next time if they have any.

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We generally do our own at our house.


On a lazy day, I might throw on some Sweet Baby Ray's for the sweet and sticky ribs my other half likes. Or for seasoning, Johnny's Seasoning Salt, Pappy's General Purpose Seasoning, or Montreal Steak Seasoning when we feel like a lot of salt.


Good luck and good smoking.



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Ribs I use durkee chicken and rib rub. All I do is had brown sugar too it on the ribs. Chicken I just use the season. I also like any of the weber seasons
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I like stubb's BBq sauce too I also like their lime rub 



I'll try the penzies lemon pepper thanks!

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I make my own rub.  Just started making my own sauces. But If I buy a sauce it is one of three. 


1. Bone sucking sauce

2. Sweet Baby Rays

3. Blacks BBQ sauce. http://www.blacksbbq.com/store/barbecue_sauce/sauce.aspx  ( I enjoy this one almost as much as the BSS.)

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