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ALL but new GOSM 3405BGW

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Left work last night and saw a scrawny "Yard Sale" sign, well, had to go and see.

Glad I did, I got this all but new (used 3 times) GOSM3405BGW   for the unheard of price of $50.00!!  Used 3 times for five trout only!!

Guess this is the buy of the month for me!!




SNV30350.JPGBefore cleaning!!



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What a score ! That should go well with the gazebo your building. nana2.gif

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Congrats that's a heck of a buy

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Great find!!!


Couldn't happen to a nicer Alaskan Bear !!!!


That'll make your thumb feel  better!!   icon14.gif






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41.gifLuck dog just bought mine.

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Nice score!     icon14.gif

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I love yard sales!!


  Great score!!



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Awesome find

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I love a good garage sale or yard sale, but the ones up by you are awesome.


No baby clothes or broken toys, just cool Big Boy Toys!


Great Score!

Now, what you gonna do with it?




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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