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Elk Slim Jims

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Got 4 lbs of ground elk out for some slim jims. Going to cut 1 lb of 73/27 GB in with it.




20MM collagen going to be used.

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Sheesh, your a busy guy. icon14.gif

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OK, help me out; PA and Elk  icon_rolleyes.gif     Where pray tell did than come from?  I was in Erie for 3 years and pretty sure no Elk.

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Looks like we will be dualing slim Jims jk.gif  So i decided to use your recipe instead of the other and went and got the four spices I needed, the Marjoram I got is like small parsly flakes, do you grind yours up into a dust or mix it in whole?

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Are you getting the other 2 NEPAS to help???


You told me where you got the Elk before, but I forgot!!!


I know you aren't lucky enough to draw one of those 56 PA Elk licences!!!   biggrin.gif




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If you have one of them mortar/pestle things you can take the marjoram/parsley down some or just rub it in your hand.






Ya just gotta know where to look for them elks icon_eek.gif





I was 60 on the draw....DO'H icon_lol.gif



I have a good friend that does allot of big game hunting all over and he gives me as much as i like. Elk, Pronghorn, Hog, Sheep, some sort of deer thing he shoots in texas with big long straight antlers, venison, buffalo.

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Going with a kicked up mix of AC LEGGS #116




Going to use my water stuffer.

Parts are from top down.


Main bulkhead

Piston (right)

3 O rings. One on the bulkhead and 2 on the piston

Faucet adapter (silver)

Stuffing tube for 20-21mm

Stuffing tube adapter for the bulkhead

Clear hose is the water in

Green water out



Main tube on base with valves.





Piston with O rings sprayed with PAM




Piston in the main tube




All the way back




Have my mix ready





Using smoked 20mm collagen.




Elk all mixed up and ready for stuffing




Elk meat in the main tube




Here is the bulkhead in place with the front screw cap. The stuffer tube will screw into the bulkhead.





Casing on the stuffer tube. Valves are in the position to stuff now.




The first strand took about 45 seconds if that. Now lets do more.




This is the final length. I can tell when its all stuffed out. It just stops filling the casing.




My drying rack.....No really its mine....HA





So the smoker has been pre heating.



Going with my bad boy today.





Now some clean up.



This is all the meat left in the tube and nozzle.









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NICE !!!!


Great tutorial there NEPAS !!!!-----Nice Cannon!!!


Question #1:  Did you ever consider starting a "Home Made Sausage Store"???


Question #2:  Do you fire a marker round before shooting the actual sausages??







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#1  No, dont want the feds knowing anymore about me than they already know.


#2 I tried to get one of the brothers to be the FO but they said Hell no  laugh1.gif

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Looks awesome Nepas! I just love that stuffer.

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Thanks Al


Smoking away.







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laugh1.gif   On the NO to being an FO!!!




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Very nice, nepas!


I debated using the kirby cannon on my sticks; but for the small load I was doing (2 5lb loads), I opted to just use the grinder stuffing attachment. My KC holds about 12lbs so after reading you did it all in about 45 seconds (!), I'm looking forward to doing a larger batch next time!


When I get more experienced, I'll amp up the speed on the KC—but since I'm still prone to the occasional blow-out, I've been going 'slow-n-steady' on the water-flow.


Re: AC Leggs— next time I'll 'kick-up' the mixture a bit too (cayenne, pepper flakes, hot paprika, hot sauce, etc......) devil.gif


— Kevin

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I have both the smaller main tube and larger one.


Elk jimmys been done for a few hours but just getting the pics posted.


Cut to lengths



Smaller lengths for the vac bags






Small ones for snacking.






Now all of em in the brown bag and fridge for a couple days before vac bags.

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Looks great!!


I am so wanting one of those Kirby canons and the mixing bucket...




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Nepas you are a star it looks great it gives me an push to do some two .

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Awesome sticks---As Always !!!


Great pics too!


Those things gotta be outstanding !!!!!


Thanks for showing!



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Those turned out great Rick points.gif

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You just keep putting out great stuff Nepas!

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Nepas those are great looking Slim Jims...

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