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Smokin' a Butt

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Got a nice bone-in 5 pounder at Sam's Club yesterday. Rubbed it and put it on at 6:45 AM.


So far, I've had a rain shower run through at 1 hour into the smoke & one of my thermo's went down. I use 2 digital (one for the meat & one for smoker temp as well as 2 analog mounted at both ends of the horizontal).


The thermo was reading the smoker temp...sitting nicely at 230* when it jumped to over 300 then back down to 88 - 89*.  Battery change didn't fix it, nor did swapping probes. I've got 1 in the meat and the 2 analogs. I've been doing this long enough to know the approximate temp the analogs are telling me (I hope!!).


Rubbed meat -

Rubbed Butt.JPG

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Maybe it shorted out on the grate? But I don't know if that'd fry the main unit. Anyway, sounds like you've got it under control. Can't wait to see more pics as it progresses. Good luck!

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Not sure what's going on with the probe.

I haven't had that problem (Yet!)



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Was the main unit in the rain. That may be the problem. You may be able to dry it out & get it working again. Anyhow it seems like you have everything under control. Good luck!

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Looking good so far. I keep a couple analog on hand for just those moments. 

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Overcoming the problems of the turned out great!



Ready to wrap-

Butt ready to wrap.JPG


Pulled the bone-

pulled the bone.JPG


MMMMM Ready to eat -



Finished with home made pepper vinegar.  Yup - it was goooood!



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sure looks good! Nice job...satisfying when you can overcome something that would "shut down" some smokes or smokers.

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My guess would be that was a Maverick meat probe.  The only ones I have ever had go bad on me. 


The meat turned out.  Nice recovery!


Good luck and good smoking.

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