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Salmon after the smoke

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How long do you suppose you could keep salmon in the fridge after it has been smoked? I caught it last summer and immediately vacuum packed it. I smoked it last Sunday and the wife is still eating on it...

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Salmon in the fridge is like cold smoked cheese in the fridge.


If anybody knows it is there, it will be gone.


Good luck and good smoking.

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I would check the USDA website to see what their guidelines are. I think it's about 4 days. Not sure though. Maybe one of the food safety guys will be along with a better answer. I guess we should all know the answer to this.

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Wouldn't last long enough in my fridge to go bad. nana2.gif

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Well, for myself , King Salmon I do in chunks, so small packages 2 at a time rest vacuum sealed and frozen.  Now with silvers and reds, doing a complete fillet, if will last about 3-5 days comfortably--BUT--once bitten into-it will never see day 3..



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