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First time Brisket

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Again, a hardy TY to Bear for his sound advice.  This is my first brisket and my wife about went nutso over how tasty and tender and juicy it was--



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Congrats on the brisket. Nice Qview.

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great looking brisket...the wifey loving it is an added bonus. Have used Bears tutorials myself....hard to beat good advice

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All that beautiful meat?  And then a beautiful and grateful wife?  You are in tall cotton my friend.


Good luck and good smoking.

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I'm jealous. You really didn't do anything else to it?


I followed most of this advice, foiled at 165 and took it to 205 with a 2 hour rest. The brisket was fairly dry. confused.gif


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OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Paid In Full, with two totally Awesome BearViews!!!


That Brisket looks Soooooo Good !!!



Thanks Alaskan Bear,


Pennsy Bear

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That's one of the best looking briskets I've seen in awhile!


Congrats on a smoke well done yahoo.gif

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 nice looking brisket

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Smoke ring looks fantastic. Keep up the good work

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Great looking brisket!

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    imagesCA04OB2Q.jpg           O MAN O MAN it looks good .well done

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man thats inspiring!  i'm going to prep one for tomorrow.

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Nice looking brisky ! drool.gif

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I can see the juicy tenderness from my house

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