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Originally Posted by Chef Willie View Post

Hmmmm, have never seen you mention this in your other of your little secrets to great Q?? <grin>.....Will have to give this a whirl on next batch of ribs, never thought of that.....thx for the tip



I guess I never have mentioned the jaccard. I do use it a lot, not just for tenderizing, but mainly to create space for the meat to absorb a marinade or rub. I have been brining my ribs lately & jaccard them first. You just have to be careful so you don't damage the jaccard by pushing it into the rib bones.


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Originally Posted by Bearcarver View Post

Let me get this straight Willie, Al, or whoever:


I'm thinking ---use the Jaccard with the flat sides across the grain---Right??

Also, just how much do you punch that thing through---every quarter inch?, 1/2"?----More often ??

I like my steaks real tender!


Bears are not well versed on this Jaccard thing at all !!!  I used to think it was some kind of booze!!!  th_dunno-1[1].gif



Thanks guys,


As Willie says "Just stab the shit out of it." The more the better.


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Thanks for the post. Sure looks good.

I will assume that you have done scoring on meat before (is that the same as cubing) ?


My main question using the vac Marinade unit do you notice a difference in flavor, texture Etc. between scoring or using the Jaccard?

I was thinking about getting a cuber tenderizer from cabellas but from the looks of your meat the jaccard does what i want a whole lot cheaper.


Thank you


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Pops, are we looking at the bottom sirloin butt here?


Thanks. As always!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Well, it's traditionally known as the sirloin tip, which comes from the round along the femur bone; however, today packers cut off their loins and rounds differently so the sirloin section is including the 'bottom sirloin butt'.  See:





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The reason I asked is because it resembled a pic I have seen before.  When I looked at it, I saw the flap, the ball tip and the tri tip, but I could be blind as a bat and I still have a lot to learn.  Thank you, Pops for helping me in that process.


Good luck and good smoking.

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I want one of those. I almost bought the el cheapo version last week

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I have an el cheapo knockoff.  It works just OK, but not as slick as the real version. They are a little pricey, but this forum has already wrecked my toy budget, so what the hey?


Good luck and good smoking.



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I just thought I would chime in with some advice about that tenderizing gizmo that might seem silly to you but for me it wasn't so obvious. The unit I have is labeled Deni and has 16 blades. Anyway, the advice is to not use it on a plate or any such hard surface. Use it only on a cutting board. A hard surface will bend or curl the delicate sharp blade tips. I messed mine up (learning everything the hard way as usual) though I did realize what was happening and repair the damage mostly as I would with blunted fishing hooks. That was to file them back to shape.


The other thing I can mention about using such a device is that the more cuts you you make, the wider your piece of meat becomes. It cuts the tissues and relaxes the meat so it becomes flatter and wider. Not that this is a problem but it is the nature of the beast.


That meat looks great!

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I agree.  Having said that, I do not recommend it on a wood cutting board, or you will pit it. The newer boards work fine with it and will not damage it unless you get crazy.


I would also note that when using this device we are no longer dealing with intact muscle meat, as the nasties on the outside have now been taken into the middle of the meat.  This will require a higher internal cooking temp whenever it is used.


Also, some people recommend you rub or season the meat before using the jacarrd.  Makes sense to me, but who knows?


Good luck and good smoking.

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