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Originally Posted by DaveOmak View Post

A friend of mine shot a blackie. He had "bear ham" made and said it was better than pork. Good bear.........

I don't think Alaskan Bear would shoot the one he's talking about, ALL PA Bears are "Black Bears".

At least I hope not!!  biggrin.gif








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Well took a chance with this gimpy left hand and decided to try my luck using the "SAW" that put me this way.. Got a lil bit more accomplished on the Bear Smoke House..




Stairs measured, cut, assembled and mounted.




Gonna put crushed rock in front of stairs leading to the house..




Pony wall so I can give it the old fashioned 'saloon' face look..



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Looking good Rich!!!


Right now it's perfect for the Summer---Good air flow-through!


Take your time & keep those digits !!!




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Well had time between smoking/canning reds so the misses and I did some more on the smoke house. Just a few pics to let ya know where we are as far as the build.




My boo-boo..




looking south east




north east view with back of house in background




thats the east view



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Looks Great Rich----Your smokers will be very pleased!!!


I guess you gotta paddle really fast with that canoe--Huh???  biggrin.gif



Thanks for the update!





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Looking good sorry about the blood...take care...

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Looks great Bear.The Son says he'll build me a shelter against the garage110.gifbefore Fallfrown.gif

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Beatiful build so far, and a BEAUTIFUL location.  I am very jealous, would love to talk the missus into a location like that.  Can't wait to see the finished project, so I can live vicariously.  

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Well the thumb finally headed enough to allow me to get back to my 'pet' project. So here's what I have now.











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Amazing job Rich! That is going to be a great place to kick back and smoke in! Maybe you can get one of them blackies and make a ham out of it! Oh wait.... nevermind.... we already got  one of them (heh-heh). devil.gif


Enjoy the views and glad to hear your thumb is on the mend! My step-dad did the same thing using his table saw one time..... all I can say is ouch! th_crybaby2.gif

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What a beauty!!



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Looks-Great.gifI want one but it would have to be screened with the huge blood suckers we have here.

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Oh Man---This is really looking good!!!


Log planter boxes & everything!!!


Thanks for the updates---Keep 'em coming!!





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Wow Rich this is really coming along great. Looks better than a couple of places I lived in when I first moved out on my own LOL

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Fine looking Gazebo.  But, in Alaska won't you need insulated sides most of the year?  Thinking of the Johnny Horton Song, "When Its Springtime in Alaska its 40 Below"

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Man,sorry about the hand, but it's a good thing your hand went in front of your faceicon_eek.gif,you might have been the first 'do it yourself Facelifticon_exclaim.gifLOL

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Looks great

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Nice!  I like the cabinets at the top too!  I may have to do a similar area....sucks about the thumb

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I really am enjoying watching the progress, it's amazing. Wish I ad something like that. Keep em posting.first.gif

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