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Newbie does pulled pork, ribs, and corn on the cob w/ Q view.

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My first smoking experience turned out well! I was in a hurry to smoke something before my work week started, so I didnt get to let the meat sit overnight with the rub.

I got the butt, and some country style ribs(they were on sale). I already had the corn on the cob.

I rubbed the ribs and butt down with mustard, and a BBQ rub, wrapped them and stuck em in the fridge for about 1 and 1/2 hours. I was following the recipe from the sticky, so i used the spray mixture as well. The corn I rubbed down with a little butter and put on some fresh cracked pepper and garlic salt. The corn only took a couple of hours, the ribs about 5 hours, and the butt about 14 hours. After sitting in a cooler for a couple of hours, the butt pulled right apart with just my hands. Nice!

Everything tastes great. I can't believe how good the smoked corn on the cob is! The ribs turned out pretty fantastic....even my wife ate one, and she doesn't really do ribs. Overall, I consider this a success even though I learned a lot. First, get started early! I was up until 2:30 AM this morning and I get up at 5 AM for running on 3 hours sleep today.

Question, when I put in my wood chips it seems they only smoke for about 30 minutes??? How often should I be replacing them? I did about once an hour and everything has a nice smoke ring. I used nearly a whole bag of chips, which is more than I expected. Does that sound about right to you guys?


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not sure on the chip I use  but that food sure looks good congratsbeercheer.gif

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I'm not familiar with your smoker, but could you use wood chunks instead of chips. They will last a lot longer. Nice job on your first smoke. Everything looks delicious!

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Thanks guys! The store I buy from has the chips and the chunks. Maybe I'll try the chunks for my next smoke. We'll see. I still have 1/3 bag of mesquite and a whole bag of applewood chips so we'll see what I can come up with to smoke next week. My mom does burgers on hers and raves about em.

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I use the chips on my gasser grill to add a little flavor when I'm not using charcoal- I definitely second/third the chunks- my first smoker was a perfect flame gas vertical water smoker and the chips go way too fast- the chunks will go for an hour to an hour and half with no issues.

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Looks great, I use chunks also.

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In your first pic the PP looks green?  47.gif I'm sure it is a camera issue, it all looks great. drool.gificon14.gif

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