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Need stronger smoke flavor

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I smoked 5 chickens today, and they were cooked perfectly. They came out nice and juicy, with a nice dark outside color. Although I had lots of smoke the entire time, it hardly got into the meat. Would brining them first give me  better smoke penetration for a stronger smokier taste, or what can I do?

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What type of wood were you using?

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What temp did you smoke at?


What type wood?


What type smoker?

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I used apple wood. Cooked them at 225 degrees, and used a double door smoker.

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I like to smoke chicken with hickory. I find apple has a more subtle & delicate smoke flavor.

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Apple is a very light flavored wood I would suggest trying hickory, oak, or cherry which are all middle of the road as far as flavor on the next poultry and see if it's more of what your after if not then go to mesquite which is a very strong flavor

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I find Hickory a little strong for poultry.  But agree that cherry adds a nice flavor.  I've used sugar maple to smoke a turkey breast and the taste was great (sort of like having maple syrup and bacon on the turkey).  It could also have been the fact that I put sage butter under the skin.   Thats a long winded way of saying you have to try different woods.

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I'm a hickory fan for most anything, but for poultry I add some mesquite as well.

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I use the Apple wood and Hickory together, about 50/50. And with chicken I like to slip the skin off the chicken before smoking, well more like seperate and leave ine place..

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Yes what they said for sure. But also I always brine my birds, it gives them more flavor period, not sure if it helps with the smokey flavor but it makes for a nice finished product.

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Hello and welcome....









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Thanks for all of the good ideas. I will try some different wood and possibly brine them first next time.


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Mesquite and hickory Just like SmokinAl said.Its my preference for chicken.

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One thing I have been doing lately is to remove the skin completely and then brine the bird.  Without the skin you get way more smoke penetration and the brine helps keep everything moist while smoking.  It is something worth trying.  It is easy to try on lets say some chicken legs.  Half with skin/ half without and compare.

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I either use a cherry/pecan or pecan/oak.


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I'm with Tank. I have taken to smoking all my chicken with the skin off. Not only is it healthier but you get much MUCH more smoke penetration. And I use straight apple wood much of the time for my poultry smoking. Give it a shot if you're not totally wedded to having the skin on.

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Up here where I cannot get Mesquite,I go with Hick. and Apple.Lots up here and is virtually free.biggrin.gifBetty 003.JPG

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I would go with Hickory if you want it stronger. 

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