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Smoking brisket

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I am Smoking a 4.25 pound beef brisket on a brinkman electric smoker the manual says smoke it for a half hour per pound i am going for an hour a pound is this to long or not long enough. It has been on for about 2 hours now.

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You should smoke to temp. not time!


Sliced brisket is about 180 internal temp


Pulled brisket is around 195 internal temp.


You could use the 1 1/2 hours per LB rule, but your better off with the internal temp.

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Agreed.  Definitely use time only as a general guide.  Smoke to temp!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Ok I am at a internal temp of 165 at what point should I wrap it in foil or should I wrap it in foil at all? Like I said before this is my first time smoking a brisket? It is 3 PM my time and dinner isn't till 5-6? I need some input pleas

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It is a good time to foil and add apple juice or beer if you choose to do so. Foiling will make it cook quicker but you don't get a crunchy bark. Not foiling takes longer but you get more crunchy bark. 6 a one, half dozen of the other.

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Scott has you covered.  165 is a great place to foil. Pull your probe, foil carefully, add liquid if you choose. After foiling, stab the probe back in and let er rip.  When you reach your temp, carefully wrap with towels leaving the probe in.  Place in a cooler with more towels top and bottom and slap on the lid.  This way you will be able to monitor the temps while it is in the cooler.


Good luck and good smoking.

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How did it turn out?

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