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I am an avid home brewer.  I have won some local/regional awards. Check out my avatar.  That is my brew rig.  I love to brew great beer and share it with good food.  Does anyone else brew and cook with their own brews?


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I personally don't but yes there are several people on here who do.

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Yes there are a lot of beer & wine makers on here.

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I brew extract and partials. Don't have the gear for AG yet. I iwll get there slowly. Need a kegging sytem before I even get into AG. What can I say, I have priorities.beercheer.gif

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I do all grain.

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I used to do alot of beer but just do wine now...mostly fruit wines.

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I am going to brew 25 gallons this week. I usually do 2-10 gallon batches of two of my favorites, and one experimental 5 gallon batch.  I have to do some work on my rig, but I'm off until late august, so i think I can find time.   wink.gif

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That's something I haven't tried yet. 

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I just brewed for the first time, it's a great summer hefeweizen.  

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As much as I drink the stuff I sure need to learn how to make it. The interest in the subject is high! Burp. 

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