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More Ribs with a Q View!!

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Alright here we go again.  Last night I took the ribs out of the freezer and this morning I pull them out and start the process.  I realize we are out of brown sugar so I am improvising with some honey.  Why not!  Honey is good, sweet, and sticky!  I have about mastered my rub which is absolutely awesome (pat my own back) and I mix it together and dump it on.  I wrap them up and put them in the fridge and then guess what happens.  It starts raining hard.  I am not going to let this stop me today.  I actually waited until it stopped and did this.




I think it is genius but my wife thinks I am an idiot....


Here are the ribs before the rub.




These Baby Backs are thick!


Next I drizzle honey on these bad boys and dump my rub on them.




I like a heavy rub on ribs if you can't tell!  Next I wrap them up and put them back in the fridge for about 4 hours.  I pulled them out and this is what they look like.




Now I am taking them out to my smoker cabana and cook at 225 for about 4 hours maybe longer.  we will see more later.  They are going to be good.



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Caveman ingenuity. Women just don't understand biggrin.gif

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It works!  It is raining now and my ribs are buried in a cloud of mesquite smoke.  I am now getting a chicken ready to go in there will be pictures of that as well.



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Originally Posted by Flash View Post

Caveman ingenuity. Women just don't understand biggrin.gif

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. Can it be any simpler than that?


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Great idea. Just be prepared to toss that umbrella.  I smoked under a canopy on Sunday for pulled pork on the 4th.  We put the canopy in the garage Monday morning and when we returned at 11:00pm we tried to figure out why the garage smelled like the inside of the smoker.  It was the canopy.  Going to try washing it with some tide to see if I can get the smoke smell out.  Otherwise I will have a dedicated smoker canopy.  


On the plus side.  Next time you go to the beach, it will remind you of BBQ!


Smoked Canopy

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I love the smell of the inside of my smoker!  The umbrella is now dedicated to the smoker for life.  th_INGardenbbq7.gif

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All our wives think were idiots! Join the club!

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Looking good, It takes more than rain to keep an addict from getting his fix biggrin.gif

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I bet you didn't look so dumb when the rain came.

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3 Hours in and now it is time for some sauce.




Sauced up and looking good!  An hour to go!

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They are done and tasty!  They are really spicy which is what I like! 







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Looks awesome.

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Nice job! icon14.gif

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They look perfect, nice & juicy!

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Nice Job icon14.gif

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thumbs.giflooks good

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BBs look great Grohl!!!


Looks mighty tasty!



Hmmm>>>-----Idea---->>>Buy canopies & umbrellas.   icon_idea.gif

Smoke a few hunks of good smelling meat under them.


Then re-sell the canopies & umbrellas for twice as much as you paid.


Call them "Pre-smoked" for people without smokers. Why shouldn't they be able to have great smelling umbrellas & canopies????   




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Funny Bear, I was thinking the same thing. How much you guys want for those useless old smoked up umbrellas? Baaaahahaha!!!!!! 

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Looks good from here

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Looks great.  Did she still think you were an idiot after she tasted the meat?  I bet not.


Good luck and good smoking.

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